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  1. nnmarcher

    Anyone here got coaching at RMSG?

    @cck311 glad to hear you had a good experience and made some improvements. I wanted to chime in for people reading this thread in the future and strongly recommend lessons at RMSG. I've had two lessons with Alex, one as a noob and once after I had a full year of shooting under my belt, and both...
  2. nnmarcher

    New Sewing Machine Setup

    One of the popular machines I've seen for hobbyists is the Singer Heavy Duty 4423. I have one and like it a lot. My first machine was a little plastic thing I picked up off Craigslist for $50 and used for 8 months before upgrading. If you can find one on CL, there's a chance the owner may show...
  3. nnmarcher

    Last Minute Gear Items; Check Your List Twice

    I picked up a pair of tire chains this weekend after seeing how much rain we've been getting. Hoping I don't need to break them out, but I'd rather have them and not need them!
  4. nnmarcher

    Tarp recommendations for day hunts

    I think something like a regular 9x9 flat tarp might work well for what you're asking. I'd probably go with silpoly or silnylon over dyneema since you are only carrying it for the day, and the weight saving wouldn't matter as much. It will also save you a couple hundred bucks. There are nearly...
  5. nnmarcher

    Photography- one photo a day

    Last night was my first time trying astro, but I had a friend with me who gave me a great lesson. The bulls bugling around us were icing on the cake!
  6. nnmarcher

    Hogue Extrak Review: The BM Altitude that shouldve been

    Great review! I just picked up an Altitude on clearance, but I love my 20CV Deka. Might have to keep my eye out for an Extrak now. Thanks for the write-up
  7. nnmarcher

    Sold Seek Outside LBO & Lite Outdoors CYL Stove

    That's a solid deal! What size stove?
  8. nnmarcher

    Sold Kryptek Ghar Puffy Jacket

    Bump for a great puffy. I love mine
  9. nnmarcher

    Homemade 2p tent

    That looks great, nice work! Is the design based on a Zpacks Duplex or something similar? And what material did you end up using?
  10. nnmarcher

    Finished my arrows for the 2022 season

    Gorgeous arrows!
  11. nnmarcher

    DIY Pack Organizer Bags

    Dyneema is way easier to work with than the lightweight silpoly/silnylon. It is a little bit more rigid and not slippery like the other two. Even my little machine feeds dyneema just fine.
  12. nnmarcher


    You've got this in the wrong forum. Try the Classifieds here.
  13. nnmarcher

    How are you reducing ounces?

    This is a great tip and something I learned over the summer. I was packing a lot of spares and what-ifs. Trust your layering system!
  14. nnmarcher

    Best stove/pot combo

    Another vote for 750mL Toaks and BRS stove.
  15. nnmarcher

    How to maximize quality & comfort?

    I am also a side sleeper and found that inflating my pad to 85-90% made it a lot more comfortable. Fully inflated is hard as a rock and makes me sore when I wake up. I also try to make sure I am well hydrated and full of food when I go to bed. I often sleep poorly the first night and then am...
  16. nnmarcher

    Photography- one photo a day

    Another northern NM picture, but of a Dusky Grouse
  17. nnmarcher

    as.ks.ak Sewing Projects Thread.

    I'm interested in hearing how you are repairing the the rips in the shoulder of the shell jacket. Are you sewing in patches and seam taping over those? What material would the patches be? Very cool work, I like the 1" webbing handle on those pullouts! Thank you for sharing.
  18. nnmarcher

    New Mexico: How to Hunt Private Land with Public Land Tags (E-PLUS)

    I can see where you're coming from. All of the information is readily on the NMDGF website, so I don't think this post is really giving anything away. According to the EPLUS webpage: I think hunters need to take advantage of these opportunities because it encourages landowners to create...
  19. nnmarcher

    New Mexico: How to Hunt Private Land with Public Land Tags (E-PLUS)

    The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (NMDGF) just posted their 2022 interactive unit-wide map showing which private ranches enrolled in the Elk Private Lands Use System (E-PLUS) in each unit. E-PLUS is a program created by NMDGF to incentivize private landowners to provide quality elk...
  20. nnmarcher

    Hybrid Backpacking/Hunting Pack

    Good call on the Solo. I have that bag and use it basically exactly as you described. Tons of day trips each year with a few 1-2 nighters sprinkled throughout. I've used combinations of hip pockets, a lid, and a load cell to extend my range as needed. Enjoy the pack!