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  1. akAbe

    WTS Leupold 25x Compact Spotter

    I’d prefer it without crosshairs! PM sent. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. akAbe

    WTS Leupold 25x Compact Spotter

    Does this one have crosshairs? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. akAbe

    Clothing under Simms G3 Guide wading pants for AK Moose hunt

    You don’t have to wear anything under your waders! I live in my G3’s in AK year round for work, and if it’s hot I just go with a pair of running shorts or boxers underneath. If it’s not warm enough for that I switch to the Sitka fleece wader pants(Gradient?), which are outstanding. By Oct...
  4. akAbe

    Frame packs & Alpacka cargo fly

    I wouldn't worry about strapping a mostly empty pack to the bow of my boat. Sounds like you know what you are looking for and the Seek packs seem like the best option for pack rafting anyway because of their waterproof materials(I bought one!), but for other folks who might be reading this...
  5. akAbe

    Looking for a new pack and have it narrowed down to Kifaru Muskeg 7000, Hyperlite Mountain Gebukkake ar Porter 5400 and Hill People Gear Qui-Ya

    Something to keep in mind when looking at the HMG packs is that their volume measurement are only the interior volume of the pack, so while 5400 porter is 85L, any of the pocketed 4400 packs have over 80L of usable volume as well.
  6. akAbe

    Looking for a new pack and have it narrowed down to Kifaru Muskeg 7000, Hyperlite Mountain Gebukkake ar Porter 5400 and Hill People Gear Qui-Ya

    I wouldn't be afraid of the HMG, especially for your use case. I've got a ton of time under one, and if they fit you well they will carry a lot of weight quite well, especially if you pay attention to how you pack. I've hauled >80lbs(science is fun!) in a HMG 3400, definitely not recommended...
  7. akAbe

    Crown method.

    I'm new to this aging sheep thing, could someone edit your photos to point out the annuli they are counting to get to over 10 yrs old on either sheep? I'm pretty sure I'm getting 9 years old on both.
  8. akAbe

    Backcountry Pillows

    The Thermarest AirHead Lite is awesome. At this point I'd probably bring mine even when going hardcore ultralight, like 3/4 z-lite and no sleeping bag! So small and raise the quality of sleep so much.
  9. akAbe

    Optics setup for Kodiak

    For goats I wouldn't even bring the spotter and tripod! You'll use the glass more to figure out if you can get to them then to actually look at them, until you get a group in position and have to pick an animal, and at that point the binos will be plenty.
  10. akAbe

    14A/14B transporter

    If you've got the time and are looking for a rowdy adventure, it's also possible to hike in to where the 'bou are! Feel free to PM me if you want beta on routes.
  11. akAbe

    14A/14B transporter

    Meekins/Blue Ice is the way to go! Nobody else has even 1/10th of the experience flying the Talkeetna Mts as Mike.
  12. akAbe

    Kodiak deer/ goat combo

    Very doable to get both on a 10 day hunt. My party got a goat, a bunch of deer, and a bear in a week long hunt late october last year. Could have added caribou too if anyone in our party had a tag. I would focus on the goat for sure, you will probably get plenty of chances at deer...