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    First Hunting Rifle Question, asking for a friend.....truly.

    Winchester model 70. Buy the grade that fits, get it bedded, put a leupold on it and call it done
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    perfect hunting truck and trailer, camper,

    I’d go nice tent with heater and all the luxuries in my truck of choice. And pull a trailer with a SxS.
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    South Carolina cold vs. Wyoming cold

    You always get guys talking like it’s nonsense to suggest what the OP did. But, it’s true. Where I live it’s not high in elevation. My house sets at about 3500’. It usually gets cold here every winter. Zero to minus 10 is about average lows. Last for two to three weeks. The snow that cones...
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    First snow

    We had some snow a couple weeks ago. Maybe an inch that melted the same day. About 3500’ elevation. It’s 62 degrees here right now. And no relief in sight. Going to be hot for the next week. I’ll take the snow any day over this for hunting.
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    vinyl plank flooring ideas?

    The vinyl plank is a great floor. Buy a commercial grade. The core brand from Lowes is what we put down most often since Covid reactions wrecked supply chains. Buy the flooring kit with wedges and appropriate bars. To keep the flooring tight while Maintaining a gap that let’s it move.
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    Grilled Pb&J!

    A grilled peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwich is a sandwich fit for royalty. Mayo the bread on the outside too. Toast it on medium heat to get a nice grilled crust. Heats the inside to a delicacy So fine mere middle class fellas like us get a hint of living royal.
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    WTH happened?

    You sure. Sone of The previous posters have clearly stated it wasn’t the vaccine. Just a reaction from the mental stress od getting the vaccine. To those posters, Give me a flippin’ break. The passing out was due to a drop in blood pressure likely. Not a spike in it due to fear of it...
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    PSA - Hunting off atv/utvs…

    I wish all public land, in every state, would mandate no driving on any wood roads or trails that aren’t county roads, during hunting seasons. Hunters are the worst too. The non hunting public land user hikes where they go. Hunters are lazy and drive loud machines. Go figure.
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    Western hunter going east

    Southwestern VA is rough ground. Pulaski being part of it. It’s the foothills of the blue ridge. What it lacks in elevation, it more then makes up for it in steepness and thick cover. All of south western VA is this way. It’s got some good hunting too. Some very big deer killed there...
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    Son's first big game tag, Advice for a demanding father.

    Pretty much what I was thinking.
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    What are you feeding your dog?

    Diamond naturals. Plus a cut of uncooked red meat once or twice a week. Energy levels after incorporating the raw meat have increased tremendously. I assume because it makes her feel very good. Chocolate lab three years old.
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    If it’s not an insert and the catalyst is broken, remove it and put a pipe damper in. FYI, I’m not sure what kind of stove this is. Just mentioned generalities to try and help if the shoe fits.
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    I lost my best friend today

    Oh my goodness. I’ve been there and sone that. Man it hurts. I’ll pray for you guys. Losing a good dog is losing family.
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    Gun storage at hunting camp

    Not too much. By the time our rifle season hits, they are getting pretty sleepy. If the food is gone, they are asleep by then. That and we are in the east. Outside of jersey and the Smokey mtns., bears have learned to leave people alone for the most part.
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    Gun storage at hunting camp

    They go back in their case, under the hunters cot. We have a camp rule. When walking in and out in a group, two or more, guns got to be unloaded. No accidental misfires and no loaded guns in camp. Had a best friend, blow his toe off about 5 years ago. Chief of police. Highly trained, etc…...
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    Going from 30-06 to 308?

    I didn’t even read it all. However, All the explanation wasn’t needed. I summarized you’d cone back with that angle. Once again, you can safely summerize that my beliefs on the scientific theory matters not a lot to me. Meaning, I’ll take what I see and describe in a manner that common...
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    Going from 30-06 to 308?

    I think your consideration is spot on after being there and done it. I’ve got guns that are incredibly beautiful and function perfectly. And, While I much prefer the 700’s I have over any A bolt, it’s because they are all customized to fit my desires. LOP, stocks, bedding blocks, action...
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    Going from 30-06 to 308?

    You ever shot a factory loaded 20” barreled ‘06 and .308? I’m not being a wise guy but, I’ll answer it for you. No you haven’t. Your opinion and explanation says so. Call it what you want. I call it muzzle blast because it looks like a flame thrower coming out of a 20” barreled 30/06...
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    Going from 30-06 to 308?

    It’s not going to be the popular choice here. But, something you need to consider. I’m a gun guy. A gun nut so to speak. So, I’m not a frugal guy that found a compromise. I was completely ready to drop thousands of dollars on my latest rifle purchase. A true custom rig for myself. I...