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  1. archer85

    WTS Stoves For Sale - Jetboil, Optimus

    Posting pictures I took along with links to other sites for the descriptions. Send me a message with questions or if you want to see more pictures. Prices TYD. Paypal or Venmo. Jetboil MicroMo $125 Optimus Crux Lite (with wind...
  2. archer85

    WTS Backpack Cleanout - MR, Alps, Badlands

    Easiest way I can think of to do this is post the pictures I took and I'll post a link beneath the pictures to a site for the description. Message me with questions or if you need more pictures. Prices TYD. Paypal or Venmo. Mystery Ranch Pintler Guide Lite Frame (2019) $325...
  3. archer85

    Calling Olympus Users!

    I'm trying to make a decision on a mirrorless camera and looking for some real world input from guys or gals that have used Olympus cameras specifically for video in the field. Experiences, good, bad or any helpful info would be great. I was leaning towards the Sony a6600, but after talking...
  4. archer85

    Sold First Lite Uncompahgre 2.0 Large

    **Correction** After receiving a medium from another rokslider today, I have realized I have the original and not the 2.0. Uncompahgre puffy jacket, black, size large. This is new without tags. Packs into its own pocket (size 11 croc for reference). Never outside of the house. I thought I...
  5. archer85

    Rokslide Newbie

    Hey Guys! New to the Rokslide game, but old in the outdoors. I have been chasing game ever since I was a kid here in Western PA. I had my first out of state elk hunt in Montana in 2011 and LOVE the west!! Since then, I have made trips back to Montana for elk, mule deer and antelope and an...