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  1. TheHardWay

    Yeti Panga 75 or 100?

    I'm considering a new duffel bag to use for everything from trips where I'm staying at a hotel, to truck camping, to river/lake trips. The rugged waterproof and air tight features are appealing to me. Looking for some input from people that have the Panga 75 or 100, or even both. Not looking...
  2. TheHardWay

    Long Range Hunting Forum

    At the risk of mentioning another hunting forum here on RS.... I know a lot of us frequent other hunting forums besides this one, and I'm sure some of you belong(ed) to the Long Range Hunting forum. Over the past few days of trying to visit the site, I get an error message. Anyone know what is...
  3. TheHardWay

    Screwed Up My Rain Fly?

    I went out to one of the lakes around here over the 4th of July to camp, hang out, and go boating. I took minimal gear with me but one of the items was my MSR Hubba Hubba. Temps were in the upper 90s during the day, and probably mid 50s during the night. Because of the warm temps and great...
  4. TheHardWay

    Feeler: Swarovski SLC 10x50

    Kicking around the idea of selling my SLC 10x50s and wanted to see if there is any interest. I have a set of EL Ranges and some 8x30 CLs, so these just don't get used that much. They are the latest version of the bins before they were discontinued by Swarovski with the dark green armor...
  5. TheHardWay

    2015 Elk Meat Pole

    Starting to see some nice bulls hitting the dirt. Also hearing that a lot of guys are having a hard time this year, especially here in Colorado. Anyway, thought I'd start a thread for the 2015 harvest. Lets see em! Here is my Colorado muzzleloader bull. It was definitely a strange season...
  6. TheHardWay

    Phone Skope for Iphone 5

    Phone Skope for iPhone5. For those of you who don't know what it is, it is an adapter that will allow you to attach your iPhone5 to your spotting scope and take pictures. It has the C4 universal eyepiece adapter which will allow you to attach it to any spotting scope eyepiece with a...
  7. TheHardWay

    My '14 CO Elk Muzzy Hunt (Long Story, Vid & Pics)

    After losing a wounded elk a few years ago, that should have been DRT, I told myself that I would never hunt with a muzzleloader again. Going against my own pricinciple, I decided to cash in my preference points in order to get a limited muzzleloader elk tag here in my home state. I changed up...
  8. TheHardWay

    Wife's First Bruin....DOWN!

    When I first met my wife, she was not a hunter. She wasn't an anti-hunter, just never had anyone to show her how to do it. Since we've met, she has taken her share of nice bulls, bucks, and turkeys, but never a bear. For the past 3 seasons, the stars just wouldn't align for her. Fast forward...
  9. TheHardWay

    250 or 300 gr Thor?

    After lots of poor performance from 348gr PowerBelts, I've decided to make the switch to Thor bullets and some BH209 for the upcoming muzzleloader elk season. I can't decide if I should go with the 250 or 300 grain bullet. With lead bullets, I know it is favorable to use heavy bullets, but I...
  10. TheHardWay

    Sitka Bino Bivy and 10x42 EL Range...Modify?

    Hey guys. I bought Sitka bivy off of another member to try out. I've been using the S4 Lockdown for the last couple of years, and thought it would be wise to better protect my investment, over the ease of optics deployment the S4 Lockdown offers. Well, the first thing I noticed was that I...
  11. TheHardWay

    Estimate the score!

    Got some pics of some bulls in the area I am hunting. Wondering what some of you guys figure they would score. First one. Seems like his main beam length hurts him a little, but has nice point length.
  12. TheHardWay

    New guy from SW Colorado

    Hey everyone. I discovered this site the other while searching through some threads over on Long Range Hunting. My name is Seth. New to this site, but not online forums. Seems like there is a bunch of great info and people on this site.