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  1. Isaac_SBO

    Supplements in the backcountry

    To start this Is not a thread to discuss what supplements you should/shouldn’t be taking ect ect. Now that we got that outta the way what do you weightlifters/fitness gurus do about supplements out in the backcountry (BCAAs, creatine, protein shakes, vitamins ect). Do you guys pack them in...
  2. Isaac_SBO

    Recommend a scope for my Kimber Montana .308

    Looking to upgrade the scope on my Kimber Montana 308. Main use will be a backcountry type hunting so weight is a issue. Currently I’m using a Nikon Prostaff 5 2-10x that has been decent but would like to add some more magnifying power. Have been eyeballing the Vortex Razor LHT 3-15x for...
  3. Isaac_SBO

    Options for storing meat during a long trip.

    I’m embarking on a 2-3 week trip with three tags in the pocket and I’m wondering how to take care of the meat if I kill early. I’ll be bringing everything with me to fully process/vacuum seal the animal and plenty of coolers. Is there options for just storing meat in processors freezers? Or...
  4. Isaac_SBO

    Seam sealer inside or outside

    May be a stupid question but I’m about to seam seal my Viam Madison tipi for my upcoming trip. Do I seal the inside or outside seams? Or both? Thankyou. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Isaac_SBO

    WTB Kifaru Woobie

    Looking for a Woobie if you have one sitting around. Would order one but I don’t think it would make it here in the next week before my trip. Thankyou. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Isaac_SBO

    WTB Looking for a hot tent.

    Looking to upgrade my Luxe hexpeak to something a bit larger then the two man that it claims to be. Must have a stove jack. Budget 400$ thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Isaac_SBO

    Looking to fine tune my Idaho muzzleloader setup

    Just sharing my setup to see if there’s room for improvement. CVA optima v2 Williams sight setup No excuses 495gr bullet 80gr Triple Seven (May tweak this after getting access to chrono) Musket caps 50 cal felt wads Let me know if you see anything that should use some improvement, Thankyou...
  8. Isaac_SBO

    Sleep system sliding in the night.

    Doing some testing of my sleep system for the fall over the past few weeks while trout fishing and turkey in PA and have run into some issues. The gear includes: Luxe hexapeak floor less shelter Stone glacier Chillkoot Klymit insulated sleeping pad Generic nylon ground sheet. I’m a stomach...
  9. Isaac_SBO

    WTB WTB Stone Glacier Chilkoot

    Titles says it all, looking for a stone glacier chilkoot 15 degree. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Isaac_SBO

    One sleeping system fora beginner.

    Looking for a backcountry sleeping system that will be versatile enough to be used in a while range of conditions but is also price savy for a beginner trying to put his first kit to gather. Have several hunts and planned in the next few years and would like to start here with the sleeping...
  11. Isaac_SBO

    Kimber Montana 308 for elk.

    New western hunter from Ohio looking for a western hunting rifle. Currently have a 25-06 savage that use for WV deer but wanting something with a bit more knockdown power. The rifles first hunt will be Montana Elk in 2021 or 2022. My buddy is selling a Kimber Montana 308 with a Leopold VX3 for a...
  12. Isaac_SBO

    New guy from Ohio

    Long time lurker, decided it was time to institute myself. Whitetail abs turkey hunter from Ohio getting ready for his first season west of the Mississippi. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk