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  1. Dzeek

    WTS LH Christensen arms mesa 308

    Looking to sell my lefty mesa in .308. Approximately 200 rounnds through it, will come with the burnt bronze 30mm Warne mountain tech rings. Looking for 1200 shipped.
  2. Dzeek

    Unit 28 Idaho

    Buddy and i are headed to Idaho with our Salmon B tags for the elk opener in Oct. We have been looking into unit 28 and i was curious if anyone with knowledge of the area can help out. Main question is, is there any access to the west side of panther creek prior to it merging into the salmon...
  3. Dzeek

    Forloh allclimas vs SG m5 jacket and pants

    Anyone try out both of these? Pros and cons of either? Going on a week long backpack idaho elk/mulie hunt in oct, need a good solid set of rain gear that will block wind well and be comfortable when layered under for extended glassing on cold days. Packability is important too, also try to keep...
  4. Dzeek

    Stone Glacier Sky 5900 vs kuiu pro 6000

    Going on a 8-9 day pack in hunt in Idaho in October. Targeting elk and mule deer. First western hunt and will be with one buddy. We will be in the salmon zone, more specifically around the 36b/28 area if the terrain makes a difference. Im very interested in these two packs, im hoping to try the...