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    MDT Hunter 26

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    Light(ish) weight ball head for glassing/shooting

    The lh 30 weighs 9 oz I believe and has support weight of 18 so it's a lighter head than what your referring to. Haven't shot off of it extensively but so far it's been great for it's intended purpose. I do not intend to do alot of shooting off of it, just the occasional situation where I can't...
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    Light(ish) weight ball head for glassing/shooting

    I purchased a leofoto LH-30 and am really pleased with the head so far for a lightweight setup. my grandpa actually just killed a moose last friday with that head on my two vets ruck tripod. worked exactly how I imagined it. It is not as stable as a bigger head/tripod but for its intended use...
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    Sold Argali Rincon 2P

    curious your reason for selling?
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    Wyoming opener success!

    Gorgeous frame on that buck! If guys only went to the "good" units we sure would miss a lot of other opportunities on big bucks!
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    MDT Hunter 26

    I have a tikka 300wsm sitting in regrets here. Buy one and don't look back. This was coming from an AG composites stock. Much prefer the MDT
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    Light(ish) weight ball head for glassing/shooting

    Alright guys, I have dug around and cant figure out what the hell I want. Currently, I use a Two vets "the ruck" tripod with a sirui va-5 and absolutely love it for a rock solid glassing setup with my 12s and 88mm kowa. However, I built a tikka with an MDT chassis and want to incorporate the...
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    0 Degree Sleeping Bag for Big Guys

    I ended up grabbing a marmot lithium 0. I will report back after the hunt my thoughts on this bag!
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    0 Degree Sleeping Bag for Big Guys

    Searched and found only older threads. I am purchasing a new 0 degree sleeping bag and pad for an idaho elk hunt in November. Price is not a major factor. Priorities are warmth, enough room, and weight. I have heard good things about Feathered Friends and Western Mountaineering. Currently I...
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    Corner-Locked, an onX Report

    I can vouch for the effectiveness of these laws as well. 33 feet from the section line on either side is public easement. I use them regularly and the vast majority of landowners understand and accept the rule for what it is. There are few I've encountered that threw a fit over it. I just smile...
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    Late season Idaho elk

    This year I drew a late muzzleloader tag for idaho elk. The season runs from November 1st to 30th. I have hunted this unit prior for mule deer and found lots of elk at 9k feet in mid October. For those that have experience hunting idaho in november would you prefer hunting the 1st two weeks or...
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    WTB Knight ultralight muzzleloader

    In search of knight ultralight muzzleloader. Must be 50 cal. Let me know what you have.
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    WTS Sig kilo2400ABS

    Price drop $900
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    What fat for sausage?

    50/50 pork butts from Sam's club with any wild game. No shame in my game, pork is tasty as hell
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    WTS Sig kilo2400ABS

    Used on one hunt and a couple trips to the range. Comes with all original accessories and box. No signs of use, it is like new. Worked as expected but going to try zeiss rf binos instead! Will go back to a rangefinder if I'm not happy with the zeiss. $1100 TYD. Venmo or PayPal F&F or buyer...
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    NXS 3.5-15x50 or 5.5-22x50

    I vote the 22x. Easy to use the reticle at 11x for holding by doubling your values and you still have the 22x if you want it. Which I often do! Opinions are going to vary person to person.
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    Vortex Razor HD LHT 4.5-22x50mm Q&A

    Anyone ever think this lightweight shit has just got out of hand? Maybe we are just soft these days...I can't help but wonder what some 3rd world packers would think if they saw what I spend on ultralight gear. They probably think we're all a bunch of pussies...and they're probably right.
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    KRG Bravo Opinions

    I see what you are saying. I just started using one for this year...I will keep an open mind about things and switch back if I do not like it!
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    WTB Lumley Ti Bolt Handle for Tikka T3/T3x - Right Hand

    I have a ti bolt handle with the larger carbon knob if interested?