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    Don’t care….

    Gonna taste better than tag soup!!
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    Sitka, Kuiu, or Firstlite

    Mix and match Sitka, Kuiu, UA… seems to be no perfect set
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    Lessons from a first elk hunt for those considering the same

    Thanks for sharing, definitely good info for us guys looking into first western hunt!
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    Vote on the 2021 Best Mule Deer Hunt Photo, sponsored by Kryptek

    All great pics, congrats to everyone!
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    Vote on the 2021 Best Elk Photo, sponsored by Kifaru

    Great pics from all!!
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    Iron Will Broadhead Giveaway!

    S100 whitetail
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    Hello from MN

    Welcome! Careful though, this site has a habit of keeping eyes on the iPad for far too long!!
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    WTB Carter Thumb Release

    Just came across your post and assume you’ve found one, if not I have a chocolate addiction 4 finger to sell.
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    Impressive Start to the 2021 Shed Season

    Nice, congrat!
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    Vote on the 2020 Best Elk Photo, sponsored by Kifaru

    Congrats to all!
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    FNG from Northern Mn

    Welcome from a former northern MN guy now via twin cities
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    WTT Carter evolution plus for a carter thumb button.

    Interested in chocolate addiction?
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    1st time elk hunter report

    Awesome, congrats on first time out!
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    Ground Hunting Whitetails is underrated

    Great story! Just started bow hunting this year and plan to do the ground attack more often going forward.
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    FNG from SE Mn

    Welcome, new myself from Coon Rapids
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    Time for a new archery target

    Carpet background is a great idea
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    2020 Best Whitetail Buck Hunt Photo, Sponsored by First Lite

    Some great pix to get the season started!
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    Solo Elk Hunting

    Just stumbled across this thread, tons of great info!!
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    New from MN

    welcome from a born and raised northern Minnesotan, now located down in the concrete jungle
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    First Year Elk Hunt

    Great story to share, may you have many more stories to share in the seasons to come