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  1. PacNW

    WTS Kuiu Kutana

    Are these still available by chance?
  2. PacNW

    WTS 1970’s Remington model 700 | 30.06

    Beauty indeed! My uncle got one just like it back in the day, to take with him when he got stationed on Kodiak Island in the 70s. He handed it down to me, and it’s still getting the job done just fine. Might have to steal @nphunter family’s reload recipe though - sounds like a good one!
  3. PacNW

    Mountain Lion Petition under California ESA

    Can't say I'm familiar with WI wolves. It looks like they've recently been federally protected there (and in the lower 48, outside the northern Rockies)? One thing I've learned reading-up on the history of mountain lion hunting in CA is that Ronald Reagan (then Gov.) signed the first...
  4. PacNW

    Mountain Lion Petition under California ESA

    Thanks for this. And fellow wildlife scientists here. My background is in pop dynamics modeling & estimating sustainable mortality limits (applied to native subsistence whaling, and a range of other critters, as opposed to typical game quotas). I live south of San Francisco on the coast (in the...
  5. PacNW

    Mountain Lion Petition under California ESA

    Anyone been following the petition to list Mountain Lions under the California state Endangered Species Act? If you haven't, but are interested, the petition is under review by CDFW. Which if I'm following, is due at some point with the agency's recommendation to the state game commission. The...
  6. PacNW

    Cheap Stuff that Works

    Neat thread. Thanks all. Following
  7. PacNW

    California proposed regulation changes

    Very much appreciated. If I'm reading the agenda correctly (big "if"), it looks like the that particular proposal (2021-017) would still be considered under review by the committee (i.e. it's not on the commission's agenda for their deliberation at this week's meetings). At any rate, I'll...
  8. PacNW

    Carter’s First Buck

    Awesome story and pics. And with grandpa there, I imagine that'll be a memory to last three lifetimes. Congrats!
  9. PacNW

    Pics of Eight Year Old Grandson

    That’s inspiring to see as a dad with little ones a few steps behind your grandson. Thanks for sharing. Kudos to the mentee and mentor!
  10. PacNW

    California Hunters? Where you at?

    Another in the Bay Area here. New to this website, but not new to hunting. At that chapter in life where my little ones are brand new to it though. Mainly A-zone
  11. PacNW

    Creepy experiences in the backcountry

    This thread is a gem
  12. PacNW

    California proposed regulation changes

    Thanks for posting this. Hadn’t seen before, but now looking forward to following how the proposed ideas will be deliberated. It looks like there was a dedicated commission workshop on Jan 27 that was open to the public. Does anyone know how that workshop went, and what the next steps in the...
  13. PacNW

    Best wild game meat

    We mostly have grays out west here. I suspect any typical recipe for such would do the trick, but here's one I like:
  14. PacNW

    Best wild game meat

    Buttermilk fried tree squirrel
  15. PacNW

    Shed Hunting Ethics, By Karson Sorenson

    Great article. Thx for posting