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  1. N8iV Warrior

    WTS/WTT 2 Eberlestock packs for sale or trade

    $200 apiece OBO I have 2 packs that are needing to go because I upgraded my pack is all. 1. Eberlestock blue idol with extra large rifle scabbard, orange zip in panel, rain fly, bow bucket and strap,bird bag. Pack#2 is a RMEF team elk pack that was never used to pack any animals out but used in...
  2. N8iV Warrior

    Sold Mystery Ranch Pintler Backpack (new)

    What size is the yoke and belt?
  3. N8iV Warrior

    Sold Kestrel 5700 with link

    Is this the Elite model with AB?
  4. N8iV Warrior

    WTS MR Metcalf

    Copy thank you
  5. N8iV Warrior

    WTS MR Metcalf

    Is there any differences in the 2019 model vs the 2022 new model I’m interested but not sure on this comparison?
  6. N8iV Warrior

    Sold Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x56 with rings and bubble

    You interested in any trades for a Spotting scope?
  7. N8iV Warrior

    Sold Fierce Carbon Rival - 6.5 PRC

    I have a Swarovoski 20x60x65 STS 2015 model I believe up for trade nothing wrong with it I just upgraded to a bigger spotter is all.
  8. N8iV Warrior

    Sold Leupold MARK 5HD 5-25X56 FFP PR1-MOA $1550

    Would you be willing to trade for a Swarovoski spotter in a 20x60x65 STS model made in 2015?
  9. N8iV Warrior

    WTS Accurate Mag 5 round 3.850

    Will that mag fit a Christensen Arms MPR in 300 win mag caliber?
  10. N8iV Warrior

    WTS Mystery Ranch Bino Harness

    Will this bino harness fit the Vortex Viper 12x50’s ?
  11. N8iV Warrior

    WTS 300 Weatherby Brass

    Ttt Cross Posted also
  12. N8iV Warrior

    WTS 300 Weatherby Brass

  13. N8iV Warrior

    WTS 300 Weatherby Brass

    I have 130 once fired 300 Weatherby brass head stamp is RP and most of the rest is Weatherby. I have a few that are 300 H&H fireformed already also not many, some nickel cases also. $2 apiece Also 173 NEW Norma brass in a bag unused. $240 to me buyer pays S&H on all items. 303 pieces of brass...
  14. N8iV Warrior

    WTS Tikka T3x 270 WSM + Ammo +

    Rifle still for sale? My brother is looking for this rifle please. Your location?
  15. N8iV Warrior

    Sold Swarovski Ats 80 Hd 20-60

    Trade for a 20x60x65 sts Swarovoski spotter?
  16. N8iV Warrior

    Sold Sako 85 Finnlight 300 WSM

    Is this rifle sold?
  17. N8iV Warrior

    WTS Custom Winchester 270 WSM

    Are you interested in any trades?
  18. N8iV Warrior

    WTT 7 mm 175 ablr

    How many is in your box?