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  1. frazierw

    WTB KUIU Tiburon Snap Shirt

    WTB KUIU Tiburon snap shirt, not the insulated one. XL. Let me know!
  2. frazierw

    WTB Kuiu Mountain Star Rain Fly

    WTB just the green and grey rainfly for the 2p Mountain Star tent from Kuiu. Thanks!
  3. frazierw

    WTB WTB Kuiu Chugach Vias XL

    Need some rain gear, want the Chugach, but anything similar would work. PM me!
  4. frazierw

    Sold EXO K2 Multi-Cam belt Small

    Like new $30
  5. frazierw

    Sold WTB EE Quilt 10* or below Reg/Wide

    Found one
  6. frazierw

    Sold Small EXO Multicam belt for Medium Multicam belt

    Have a small belt that I would like to trade for a medium. Thanks!
  7. frazierw

    WTB WTB Novagrade Double Gripper

    Looking to purchase a Novagrade Double Gripper. PM if you have one for sale. Thanks
  8. frazierw

    New .300 Win Mag

    Looking for a .300 Win mag, 7lbs or less, around the 2k mark. Suggestions?
  9. frazierw

    Idaho late season OTC

    Hey guys, Gonna trek to idaho for a late hunt this year, looking at Units 16A, 17, 19, 20, specifically along the salmon river. I know a lot of elk hunting happens in these units, but I dont see much for late muleys. Gonna scout in September, but obviously the animals wont be in the same...
  10. frazierw

    New Spotting Scope

    I will be in the market for a new spotting scope soon, and I am having trouble deciding. Weight isnt a concern, just want the best optical performance, especially when digiscoping. Deciding between the ATX/STX 95 or the Kowa 883/884, any others i should look at? anybody compared the 95 to the...
  11. frazierw

    WTB EXO Horn Hauler

    Looking to pick up the Horn Hauler from EXO
  12. frazierw

    WTB Nightforce SHV illuminated MOAR 5-22

    WTB Nightforce SHV illuminated MOAR 5-20 Looking to buy this scope!
  13. frazierw

    WTS XL KUIU SuperDown bottom Vias

    WTS XL KUIU Vias SuperDown bottom. 150$ TYD like new
  14. frazierw

    WTB Vortex Razor HD 12x50 bino's

    Looking to purchase a pair of Vortex Razor HD 12x50 bino's. Thanks!