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  1. keystone112

    How much torque for cross slot ring do I really need?

    I know that most high end scope rings are rated for 65 inch pounds for the ones with the 1/2 inch nut on the cross slot bolt. I wonder if people run these up to 65 inch pounds or something less, say 50 inch pounds. How much do you torque for say a steel ring with a 1/2 inch nut on the cross...
  2. keystone112

    444 Marlin bullet recovered on whitetail

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, so if there is a better place feel free to let me know. I was fortunate to shoot a nice whitetail in Ohio yesterday and for the first time recovered the bullet. I was shooting my 444 Marlin with the Hornady Superformance 265 grain bullet. This...
  3. keystone112

    Zeiss Conquest V4 3-12x44 mounting space?

    I am going to upgrade the scope for my 338WM for Wyoming Elk next year. If you have a Sako with the dovetail base, you know what a PITA it is for rings. I am running the Leupold QD base and rings which gives me just under 5 inches outside edge to outside edge on the rings. The trick is to...