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    Marsupial Must Haves?

    Range finder pouch and small zippered pouch to balance it out. I also like their spuds lens cleaner cloth
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    Glassing pad options

    Love the pack-ability of the z seat. I also have a phoenix shooting bag cushion that is an upgrade in comfort. It is very light, but is better strapped to the outside of the pack due to its size.
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    Bino Harness

    Another vote for the marsupial harness. Had a few before I figured the lid folding down was ideal for me. T&K looks to have that same mechanism and built solid as well.
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    Polarized Sunglasses

    Thanks for this thread. Looks like I’ll be checking out some costas. Got to take care of the eyes
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    High end hunting pack 2200 to 3600

    If you go the Exo route just get the 4800 bag. The 4800 can compress down to as low of a profile as the 1800 and it has a horseshoe zipper, so no digging around needed from the top of the roll top
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    Kifaru Reckoning Vs Exo k3 4800

    Both frames are comfortable to me, but everyone’s back and build is different. I have the 4800 bag and I am a huge fan of the layout and it’s low profile when compressed in day mode.
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    Kifaru Addiction

    I feel the pain. I got an E&E to start and liked the work on that little bag so much it led me down this rabbit hole. Now I’m up on a Friday night commenting on 10 forums so I can be allowed to DM and purchase more kifaru stuff. On that note, anyone want to sell me a ranger green Gen 1 Antero? 🙏🏾
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    Is a $600 backpack worth it??

    The difference is clear once you get one and pack a load of meat. Definitely get what you pay for when it comes to most hunting gear.
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    Kifaru Day Pack for Elk

    If you’re not intending to pack meat with it, I would go for the shapecharge. You can use it as an edc, for day hunting, and it has the possibility to pack something you find while hiking if needed. Always cool to have the option to carry meat even if you don’t intend to..and in a smaller...
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    If you were starting from scratch, which daypack setup would you buy?

    I have a Kifaru Stryker xl and an exo mountain k3 4800. Can’t go wrong with either companies. Both comfortable empty and under a load.