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  1. Da_Flyin_Bandaid

    Mystery Ranch Marshal Questionsi

    Hello all, so spring of 2023 I am heading to Kodiak Island to partake in a 14 day grizz hunt where I and a buddy will be backpacking approx 10 -15 mi into the country. we will be living out of our packs. My question is to any of yall that have used the marshal for long trips, is the marshal...
  2. Da_Flyin_Bandaid

    Kodiak Spring Bear Hunt Tips

    Hey all, first things first I recently drew a tag for spring Kodiak Bear in gm08. I have harvested a fall black bear before ( I was lucky, we scared each other and I had a tag for him lol). However I have never purposefully hunted Bear. I was hoping that fine persons such as yourselfs may be...