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    Cold weather gloves

    Hand warmers are awesome. Just make sure whatever you use them with has space for air. In my gloves they work great but in my boots they do not work at all. But there is no extra space in my boots.
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    Missing Rifle Scope Features?

    It’s a great channel. He doesn’t mess around and he gets to the point.
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    Favorite post-pack out beer

    The sister definitely explains the drinking lol
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    Favorite post-pack out beer

    The coffee probably helps with the hangovers
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    Favorite post-pack out beer

    True dog lover here
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    .223 for bear, deer, elk and moose.

    Hey now
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    Matt Rinella for president

    It is “the hunt quietly podcast”. You can tell he is inexperienced as a podcaster and interviewer. If you give it a fair shake there is lots of good information even if you don’t agree with Matt. His Newberg episode is a good listen because you get two opposing views without arguing.
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    Scope mount for r700

    Be prepared that you will possibly have to bed the back section of the rail. I just did my Remington. I could see light under parts of the back half of the rail. Wasn’t a bad job, just inconvenient
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    Matt Rinella for president

    I think to best understand Matt’s points you really need to listen to his podcasts. He does a better job getting his message across there.
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    What Manufacturer Uses Mothwing or Mountain Mimicry Camouflage?

    I don’t think it’s a matter of Asat and predator not wanting other companies to use their stuff. I think most companies camo’s purpose is brand recognition. Basically like pro sports teams colors and logos.
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    Hunting Property Lines

    When I get permission to hunt other peoples property I leave a buffer just to avoid upsetting the neighbors. I think it is the courteous thing to do. I don’t want to do anything that will inconvenience someone who was nice enough to help me out. I would feel like a jerk if I caused a rift...
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    Who makes a lightweight orange vest, zipper pockets

    Badlands jus came out with one
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    first lite ads?

    And your phone is always listening if you grant apps permission. Have a conversation about random stuff and see what adds show up on the margins of websites you are browsing
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    Puffy Jacket Giveaway

    Wisconsin whitetail
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    Swazi now has a USA based website. This is a link for “the hood”
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    Parents, let's discuss the ethics of our kids' first kills...

    When it comes to a persons first kill I think the most important aspect of it is how the animal dies. If it is a good hit, they die and it is uneventful. But when it is a bad one it can get ugly with the seeing the animal struggle and possibly making noises that completely turn a person off. I...
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    Anybody tried a Coleman minibike?

    I can confirm they can handle multiple middle aged men, copious amounts of beer and a family reunion. It broke us more than we broke him.
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    Swazi now has a USA based website.

    I plan on getting the hood. The design and longer cut are really appealing. I am hoping to find a similar designed garment but with an outer finish that won’t collect burrs. That looks like the only drawback for my area.
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    South Carolina cold vs. Wyoming cold

    I have experienced this too. Hunting in single digit weather in Wyoming was very comfortable compared to the Midwest. It also makes sense of the difference between insulation layers needed for the two climates.
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    Boots for Wide Feet

    I had trouble finding boots that fit my wide feet for a long time. Then I got a pair of meindls wide comfort fits and it solved all my issues. First set of footwear that did not feel like it was smashing my toes together