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    Things to do Colorado Springs/Trinidad

    PM me if you have any questions.
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    Things to do Colorado Springs/Trinidad

    Anglers Covey in Colorado Springs is a top notch fly shop. If you want to fish, 11 mile canyon fly fishing can be a blast on the weekdays, as well as deckers/cheesman. The Air Force Academy has fantastic archery range with a static out to 100 yards, 4 walking ranges and 40 3D targets. Bill...
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    Marsupial harness quirks…

    I've owned two marsupials, have not had any of the problems youre having. Love their products, I would give them a call. I've used the customer service once, and it was top notch. They sent me a shipping label, I got them in the mail and had them back in 6 days. They are good people, they will...
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    what tripod head?

    VA-5 is money for the price, but Outdoorsmans is king of the tripod/head hill.
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    first lite disappointing service

    Thats unfortunate, my experiences with FL customer service have been phenomenal. I haven't used FLCS since before MeatEater acquired FL, maybe that is the cause of the decline. I ordered a puffy and damaged it in my excitement opening the package, and called them to order another/see what a...
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    Going archery elk hunting during muzzleloader week?

    I think other archery hunters will frustrate you before muzzy hunters will. I took the muzzy season off in 2020 to backpack hunt and saw 2 gun hunters and about 20 archery hunters.
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    Zeiss vs votex vs Lica

    My buddy has the 10x42 B1.2, he likes them. Other buddy has a pair of Zeiss, Zeiss blows them out of the water when you look through both. Maybe look into Mavens demo program, pay for them and try them out for a couple weeks, if you dont like them send them back and you get a full refund.
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    Colorado Weather

    I was thinking about that yesterday. Usually roll in with just a rain jacket in my pack, might need to look into pants and think about carrying my tarp. Not going to complain about the rain though, had a fire come a little to close for comfort to my house down here in the Springs in May.
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    Zeiss vs votex vs Lica

    That is an amazing deal. I'd go that route and not look back.
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    Zeiss vs votex vs Lica

    I knew they are Japanese glass, but based out of Lander is what I meant. If I'm not mistaken GPO is built in Japan and "inspected" in Germany, and they claim "German Precision Optics" - Whole different level of shady if you ask me. I have been happy with the Mavens, especially compared to the...
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    Zeiss vs votex vs Lica

    I think you would be happy with the mavens, they are built in Lander, WY and customer service has been great. If you could find a good deal on SLCs that would be the only other things I would look at.
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    Zeiss vs votex vs Lica

    I have the maven B.2 11x45, I love them. For the price I dont think that there is anything close, but they are not swaros. I have no complaints with them.
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    Zeiss vs votex vs Lica

    For that price range I would look into Mavens.
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    Sea to Summit Watercell vs HydraPak?

    Jordan, reading reviews on the hydrapak there are a lot saying that they leave a strong plastic taste. Has this been your experience? I'm between the hydrapak and S2S water cell as well for clean water storage at camp.
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    SCS 135 Yukon float trip for moose
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    Arrow Weight?

    I just dont personally like rages, haven't had good experiences with them. There are plenty of mechanicals that I think are great for elk with the right arrow setup. But like arrow weight, its personal preference. Lots of dudes love rages.
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    Where do you carry your pistol? Can't go wrong.
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    Arrow Weight?

    A rage on elk is bad all around in my opinion, but some people swear by them. My arrows weigh in at 495, shooting both iron wills and sevr's for elk. IMO, you want to be in the 450-500 range, but its all personal preference. Tim Gillingham swears by a 375 grain arrow, but I would never shoot an...
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    Merino boxers.... am I nuts?

    I think GoHunt is having a big sitka sale right now, not sure if their boxers are on there or not.
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    WTS Kifaru guide lid

    Any chance this is still available? If so I'll take it.