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  1. Bill V

    Iron Will Outfitters Single Bevel Broadhead Review ***Updated 2/24/21***

    For those of you who have shot animals with both our single bevel heads and double bevel heads, I'm interested to hear how you think they compare. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  2. Bill V

    June Iron Will Broadhead Giveaway!

    Thanks for the interest guys and good luck!
  3. Bill V

    Do you carry a backup release?

    In my truck along with bow tools. I figure if I lose my release I deserve a long hike.
  4. Bill V

    Arrows for Caribou

    I've hunted caribou the last two years and would recommend that you be able to shoot 60+ yards effectively to take advantage of the typical opportunities. My caribou setup was the same for elk and mule deer last year. Axis arrow with our Iron Will reinforced HIT system and either S or SB...
  5. Bill V

    2022 Rokslide Cold Bow Challenge Q&A Thread

    I shot the single bevels on my elk last year with great results. I will probably alternate between our S and SB heads this year to get more comparison data. I really like both of them.
  6. Bill V

    Iron Will Snyder Core vane testing

    I shot the Snyder Core system in a 4mm Axis for three TAC events and all my hunts last fall. I used a Max Hunter vane at 2.5 degrees helical and it shot well with all of our broadheads.
  7. Bill V

    Iron will broadheads

    We haven't been setup very well to do this, but we are now trying to do a better job accommodating this request. Send me a DM if you are still wanting one.
  8. Bill V

    Iron Will 100 Grain Single Bevel Field Test Results

    Our Single Bevel is ground at 32 degrees. You can touch it up by hand on a fine or extra-fine stone (the white side of the double stone we sell). For a more thorough sharpening, you can use a knife sharpening kit where you can set the angle. You are essentially just re-grinding the bevel and...
  9. Bill V

    2022 Rokslide Cold Bow Challenge Q&A Thread

    Two days in and feeling good so far. The only problem with the CBC is that I want to shoot more in the warm weather we are having.
  10. Bill V

    Iron will tune

    Factory fletched vanes are typically a 1 degree offset blazer vane or something very similar. These should provide decent stability with a fixed blade head, but a little more angle makes can improve accuracy. I like 2.5-3 degrees offset or helical. The rotation averages out any asymmetries...
  11. Bill V


    I was talking to the Seek One guys at ATA about this same scenario. They hunt the suburbs and need deer to go down quickly. This is a good one to debate. Opinions will vary and this is mine for what it's worth: Know deer anatomy well and aim for the top of the heart with whatever shot angle...
  12. Bill V

    Iron will broadheads

    Email our customer service at [email protected] and request to buy a single. We don't normally sell them this way, but will on special request.
  13. Bill V

    Iron Will 100 Grain Single Bevel Field Test Results

    Here is a link to the ballistic gel test show the rotation.
  14. Bill V

    2022 Rokslide Cold Bow Challenge

    I love this challenge. Great to be a sponsor again and see so many participating! I'm late to the party but starting today. I'm choosing 100 yards again for my max effective range. I don't plan to shoot an animal this far away, but would do it on a follow up shot if needed on my Colorado and...
  15. Bill V

    Iron Will Outfitters Single Bevel Broadhead Review ***Updated 2/24/21***

    We just announced our 100 grain Single Bevels broadheads. See test results at this link:
  16. Bill V

    Iron Will 100 Grain Single Bevel Field Test Results

    Thanks for the feedback freedomehunter25! I get a lot of great feedback and suggestions from Roksliders. bsills, we don't ever discount our broadheads actually. I know they are relatively expensive, but we have them priced as low as we can, especially with the latest material prices.
  17. Bill V

    Iron Will single bevel Buff 200 true weight

    The SB200 Buffs are weighing about 201 grains. There will be a little +/- variation due to all the grinding setups. Not sure what field points you are using but ours are 200 +/- 0.5 grains. FYI, a lot of pros have stated that they can't see a difference until you get over 10 grains variation...
  18. Bill V

    Easton axis 4mm spine help

    I'd use the 300 spine since I've never seen a problem being slightly stiff, and yes, when you buy the software you get the latest database.
  19. Bill V

    Another broadhead thread - iron will vs ???

    We changed our warranty to be "at or through an animal" because we had too much abuse. Guys would shoot through old foam targets repeatedly into rocks, not worrying about damaging heads every shot because we would replace them. We had one guy shoot six broadheads into a log and bend all the...
  20. Bill V

    Iron Will Outfitters Single Bevel Broadhead Review ***Updated 2/24/21***

    Personally, I recommend the bleeder blades for any North American big game. The cross cut opens up holes better, cuts more tissue throughout, and has minimal effect on penetration.