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  1. AkMtnRunner

    Trijicon vs Nightforce vs Leupold

    Trijicon if you’re in the $500-1500 price range, Nightforce if you’re willing to spend more.
  2. AkMtnRunner

    7mm Rem Mag converted to 7PRC

    The whole advantage of the 7 PRC is that it can seat the bullets much farther out than the 7 RM without exceeding the 3.34" length. It's perfect for the Tikka action and magazine.
  3. AkMtnRunner

    Who wants a 8.6 Blackout?

    It is unfortunate there aren't more lightweight 338 suppressor options. I can vouch for AB Suppressor's Raptor, though. Similar profile and weight to the best titanium 30 cal cans but are available in 338 and 375 caliber.
  4. AkMtnRunner

    Sold Leofoto LH-40 ball head

    PM coming
  5. AkMtnRunner

    Kowa 55-77-88

    The main differences between the 77 and 88 will be the light gathering and maybe a tiny bit of chromatic aberration. I would base the decision on how much of a premium you put light gathering on (your hunting scenarios). I know that in midday, my 55 looks as bright as my 88 but it's a drastic...
  6. AkMtnRunner

    Your longest pack out by foot?

    My moose this year was about 2.5 miles out. I had planned to hunt an area closer to class 1 water to float out but I found a fat 55 incher on the hike in just as close to the car as it was to the water. I guess I also didn't really think I'd see a legal bull so I didn't think too much about...
  7. AkMtnRunner

    What is "the" 308 win load?

    130 ttsx over a max load of TAC
  8. AkMtnRunner

    Who wants a 8.6 Blackout?

    I thing that I get hung up on are the bullets. 338 cal bullets are mostly designed for 338 win mag velocities and faster. I’ve seen several videos of folks shooting into gel and of course they penetrate well but they don’t have the bullets to show the (lack of) expansion.
  9. AkMtnRunner

    Large calibers that do well with short barrels?

    Most lose similar amounts, 20-30 fps per inch, because that just happens to be the amount in the common windows of barrel length for each cartridge. 12-24 inches for a 308, 20-26 inches for 30-06 or 300 WSM, or 22-28 inches for 300 RUM, for example. Anyways, if you aren’t able to put a...
  10. AkMtnRunner

    6.5 Creedmoor vs .308 Win

    By the time the 6.5 CM beats the 308, I’ve lost interest in both.
  11. AkMtnRunner

    2-10x vs 3-15x Hunting Scope

    If it were just the sight picture while taking the shot on the game animal, 10x would be more than plenty for me. However, there's some range work that I like being able to see POA more precisely, and it's easier to mil out moose antlers with a larger picture.
  12. AkMtnRunner

    7prc just slayed the 6.8 Western

    I am more of a medium bore fan, but just for fun I'll I go out on a limb and predict that in 10 years we'll look back to this time as the peak of the 30 magnum caliber. I think because the 7 PRC could very well make the 7mm-175ish grain bullets mainstream, there really won't be much reason to...
  13. AkMtnRunner

    Trijicon Credo 4-16×50 review

    I was a skeptic of the green but had read enough good reports to get one with it. I am super happy with it. I think it’s because it’s closer to white than red is so it contrasts better against darker earth colors.
  14. AkMtnRunner

    LPVO on bolt rifle ?

    I used a VX6 1-6 for many years and the only downside I found was range work. I have noticed though that a few of the late models have adjustments limited to .2 mils or .5 moa, if that matters to you. Given your relatively small target, I suggest you check out the Accupoint 3-9. That is also...
  15. AkMtnRunner

    Short barreled suppressed long action - what caliber?!

    Oops, I was just about to edit that. I would like to suggest a larger capacity cartridge though. A short 280 would be 2 steps behind a traditional 7 mag that it may be worth compensating for the shorter barrel. A suppressor knocks off so much bite that it'll still be well behaved in a...
  16. AkMtnRunner

    Short barreled suppressed long action - what caliber?!

    280 AI would be good, also consider the 300 wsm.
  17. AkMtnRunner

    Am I crazy...

    You can get one made from a 7 rem mag. That’s the route I went with JES Reboring. Mine is even left handed.
  18. AkMtnRunner

    TTSX in 338 win mag for moose?

    I've taken two moose with my 338 and ttsx bullets. In 2020 it was a 225 grain, from about 420 yards. Strangely, it was the same distance this year but with a 210 ttsx. The placement with the 225 bullets weren't the greatest and it took a few shots to get him down. My 210 load was more...
  19. AkMtnRunner

    Am I crazy...

    Shouldn't be an issue if it's done right, and especially not if you put a can on it. I shortened a 338 wm tikka t3x to 20" and put an AB 10 baffle suppressor on and it's very nice to shoot. Less than 8.5 lbs fully dressed and with the can. It shoots 210 ttsx at about 2860 fps under 1 MOA...
  20. AkMtnRunner

    308 150 grain TTSX Barnes performance this year so far.

    I’ve had good luck with the 130 from a 308 win. Judging from the last few posts here, I’ll stay with that load and always get within 300ish yards. Using TAC to get over 3100 fps.