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  1. Hardly_Hangin

    Failure is the best teacher - post your botched hunts and what you learned

    Howdy all, searched theough the other pages and didnt find a thread on this so I thought I'd start one for educational purposes to the new bear hunter and general entertainment through storytelling. Ive been trying to kill a bear several years now but this is the first year ive really gone all...
  2. Hardly_Hangin

    A Georgian's first Elk hunt - the full story

    TLDR - it was an awesome trip, good lord willing i'll be back next year. Had several encounters and even missed a 4x4. One of my favorite parts of hunting is sharing the experience with others, but this trip was so special to me I couldn't summarize it without cutting parts out and I always...
  3. Hardly_Hangin

    Why Strength Train

    Assuming you're not a bodybuilder or competitive athlete, why is it important to train strength? Research indicates that strength is directly correlated to health and longevity, and naturally the muscle growth required for strength is visually appealing. But to what end? Where is the line of...
  4. Hardly_Hangin

    Inhereted a singer - beginner project suggestions welcome

    Howdy all, hope everyone had a good Christmas and is in good health. I've inherited an old singer sewing machine (this thing weight like 40 pounds) and i am super excited to up my DIY game. Ive done some simple stitching repairs by hand but my goal is to eventually make a custom bag for my...
  5. Hardly_Hangin

    My first public land mountain buck!!

    It is unseasonably warm for December, but today I had one of those uncanny feelings that something awesome was going to happen - it came to fruition. I originally found this spot while turkey hunting, and while doing some scouting in the area this fall I knew there was a big buck lurking around...
  6. Hardly_Hangin

    Frame for Curved back

    So i did the test where you stick your hand behind your back against the wall, and i could fit my whole fist and then some. Does that mean i should only consider frames that have curved stays? Will anything flat be uncomfortable to me? The two curved back options ive found in my research were...
  7. Hardly_Hangin

    Howdy from NGA

    Howdy, longtime listener first-time caller thanks for having me on.