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  1. Lionhound1975

    Swaro BTX fragility?

    I recently broke down and bought the Swaro BTX eyepiece and 95 mm lens from S&S Archery. The guys at S&S Archery were great to deal with. I am very impressed with the optic, even though I have not pushed its capabilities due to lack of open country where I currently live. But I am moving next...
  2. Lionhound1975

    WTS Leupold BX-4 Pro Guide HD 8x32 (Japan) new in box $450 TYD

    Leupold BX-4 Pro Guide HD 8x32 new in box $450 TYD (lower 48). The box is still wrapped in original plastic from Leupold. I had returned an older 8x32 Katmai to Leupold to be repaired and they ended up replacing them with a new BX-4. These are made in Japan. The only reason I am selling them is...
  3. Lionhound1975

    Nortent Gamme 6 initial observations

    I recently purchased the Nortent Gamme 6. Nortent is a Norwegian company that a European friend told me has a good reputation over there. I purchased the tent from one of Nortent's distributors in Canada as it was cheaper than ordering it from Norway. I set up the tent the other day for seam...
  4. Lionhound1975

    WTS SWFA 10x42 Mil Quad scope, brand new, never mounted, Made in Japan

    SWFA 10x42 Mil Quad, brand new, never mounted. Made in Japan. 30mm tube, 0.1 MIL clicks, factory spec of 40 MILS of elevation. Nice, clear glass. This will get your 6.5 CM or similar caliber out past 1600 yards if you want to try the long-distance game without dropping $1000+. I bought the scope...
  5. Lionhound1975

    WTS Hanwag Yukon brand new $260, made in Germany

    Hanwag Yukon boots, brand new, never worn outside. Size US 11, made in Germany. Leather-lined, great boots for warm weather that keep your feet much drier than Gore-tex boots. The only reason I'm selling them is because I ordered them from Germany and I think I need a half-size larger and it is...
  6. Lionhound1975

    Marmot CWM minus 40 degree bag on sale for $410

    I just picked up 2 of these bags for my wife and I since I am moving to Kyrgyzstan this fall for a 3-year assignment and I needed something for winter camping/hunting in the high country over there. I know it's not a WM of FF but Marmot makes good gear and for $410 on sale it's a great deal if...
  7. Lionhound1975

    Hunter behavior vs hiker behavior on seeing game

    This last fall I thought that I am going about whitetail hunting all wrong. The kid whose dad's land I hunt on would see a lot of deer while he was pushing a wheelbarrow around and chopping wood. More than I ever did while hunting there twice a week. Obviously, the deer were used to seeing him...
  8. Lionhound1975

    Wildest part of your state or province

    I have always loved wild and remote country. By that, I mean places where people seldom, if ever, visit. Places can be rugged and remote yet still get tons of hikers and hunters every year like central CO where I saw more people in a day that I did in a whole season in the Ozarks when I was a...
  9. Lionhound1975

    WTS Stone Glacier Avail 2200 like new condition $250 shipped

    SOLD Stone Glacier Avail 2200 like new condition, only used once on a day hike, bought for my wife but she wants a bigger pack for her cameras/tripod. Like new, no stains, odors, or markings (see photos). $250 shipped TYD (lower U.S.) Paypal.
  10. Lionhound1975

    WTS Savage magazine for 110 Predator 7.62/6.5

    Two 4-round original Savage magazines for Savage 10/110 Predator 7.62/6.5 CM. Both magazines feed fine, but I sold the rifle. Both magazines for $25 TDY Paypal.
  11. Lionhound1975

    WTS Magpul 10 round LR/SR 7.62/6.5 CM magazine, never used

    Magpul 10 round LR/SR 7.62/6.5 CM magazine, never used. New in bag. For SR-25 and M110-style platforms. $20 TYD, Paypal.
  12. Lionhound1975

    WTS Meopta Meostar 7x42 excellent condition

    Meopta Meostar 7x42, excellent condition. No scratches on glass, very light rub marks on rubber, only marking is a very faded "MR" (my initials) in marker (see all photos). Comes with original neck strap, carry bag, and eyepiece covers. The 7x42 Meostar has an incredible depth of view, i have...
  13. Lionhound1975

    WTS Meopta Meostar B1 10x42 HD

    Meopta Meostar B1 10x42 HD for sale. No scratches on glass, great condition. The only marking is my initials (MR) in marker. Comes with OEM bag, neck strap, and eyepiece covers. Great binos, they only reason I am selling is I received the NL Pure 10x42 as a gift and I don't need these anymore as...
  14. Lionhound1975

    WTS 375 Ruger Patriot rifle marinecote/laminate, fiber optic sights

    I am selling a 375 Ruger Mossberg Patriot rifle with silver marinecote finish, grey laminate wood stock, 22" barrel with fiber optic front sight and adjustable rear sight. Also included are 5 factory box magazines (4 NIB) and a 0 MOA EGW rail in case you want to mount an optic. Rifle shoots very...
  15. Lionhound1975

    Bino for one-handed use

    I am looking for a good bino for one-handed use. Specifically for carrying when out handling a large dog on a tracking line in the woods. Also for bowhunting on the ground in deep forest. I already have a NL 10x42, Meostar 10x42 HD, Meostar 7x42, and Euro HD 8x32 and each of these can he hard to...
  16. Lionhound1975

    WTS Weaver Grand Slam Tactical 3-10x40 Mil/Mil, Made in Japan, excellent condition

    Weaver Grand Slam Tactical 3-10x40 Mil-dot reticle, 0.1 Mil clicks, Made in Japan, excellent condition. Fully multi-coated optics. Second focal plane. No scratches on glass. Scope comes with lens covers, original box and accessories. Japanese glass is very bright. Scope tracks extremely well...
  17. Lionhound1975

    WTS Weaver Super Slam 8.5x45 binos made in Japan excellent condition

    For sale Weaver 8.5x45 Super Slam binos, made in Japan, excellent condition. Dual hinge, fully multi-coated optics, waterproof. No scratches on lens. Japanese glass is very clear. Dimensions 6.3 x 5.6 x 6.3" Field of View 367.5' @ 1000 yd Weight 31.2 oz The only reason I am selling...
  18. Lionhound1975

    Game cart on the Haul Rd?

    I am planning a DIY caribou hunt with my 17 year-old son for next year and wanted to run a question by you all that have hunted the Haul Road. I have been reading everything I can about that area and thank everyone for putting out some really great threads on what to bring and how to hunt that...
  19. Lionhound1975

    WTS 308 and 7.62 brass fired once

    WTS 67 brass pieces of mixed 308 and 7.62 Winchester and Lake City brass, fired once. Have not been de-primed, cleaned, or tumbled. TYD $30 - Paypal
  20. Lionhound1975

    WTS 6.5 Creedmoor Hornady brass (fired once)

    I have 800 6.5 Creedmoor brass cases (fired once). 95+% is Hornady but there are a few Lapua and FC brass cases mixed in. All fired out of a bolt-action. They have not been de-primed or tumbled. Sold in 100-count bags. 8 bags for sale. $45 TYD in Lower 48. Paypal. UPDATE - ALL SOLD