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    Hunting Land Frustration

    You sound like you’re whining. You have a 130 acres to yourself. It backs up to a one square mile sanctuary. So what if it gets hunted once a year? Those kids are going to have a great time. I guarantee you they won’t kill every buck. Plenty will live. And others will take their place.
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    40 Mile Price Increases for 2023

    Oh goodie, maybe everyone will quit hunting with them and I will finally move up the waitlist….
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    What's your top 3 for a good ol whitetail sit?

    Coffee, Mr Buddy Heater and my Kindle so I can read/listen to podcasts/watch movies. I’ve done many, many all day sits just this way. In fact did just that last Saturday. Saw nearly 20 deer. Nothing I wanted to shoot. Still a great relaxing day. Finished two books while hunting.
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    I guess we need a 2022 fitness goal thread!

    Met my 2022 fitness goal of competing in and completing my first marathon!! It wasn’t pretty and definitely no records were set but I survived!! 2023 goals already set. Will run my 2nd marathon April/May and then half IM by late 2023.
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    First time marathon

    I ran my first marathon October 2022. Started training in June. Peaked out at 21 miles in training. First off if you have a plan then STICK WITH IT DURING THE RACE!! During my long training runs (anything over half marathon distance) I would run for 15 min, then walk for one minute and...
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    .270 on whitetail - short range

    The cheap blue box federal 130 grain soft points. I’ve shot a dump truck load of deer with my 270. I’ve shot them from 5-350 yds. Never had any issues. If I were hunting 300lb Canadian bucks I may choose a slightly stouter bullet but for 150-175lb southern whitetails, this is all I need.
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    Gels when running

    The wall is legit. Did 16 miles on Saturday. 0-13 felt great. Last 3 miles was nothing more than a shuffle!! Finished off at a 10:23/mile pace. At mile 13 I was just under 10 min/mile. 67 days from my first marathon. Still feeling good but that 16 miler was a gut check. Ran a 10k this...
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    What’s the worst kind of steep?

    Steep and deadfall sucks. But climbing from zero to 1500-2000 feet through the hell of devils club, alder and wet grass on Kodiak was the worst steep I have ever experienced.
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    2022 East coast guys heading west

    I’ve done straight through (26-27 hours) twice and hated it. Feel like a soggy sh!t sandwich for at least a day after. Now I drive 18 hours the first day 7-8hrs 2nd day. Feel much better and more rested and makes the hunt more enjoyable.
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    Gels when running

    Looks like you doing well. I had the same issue. Wanting to run fast and couldn’t get it in my head that I needed to slow down. I was trying to maintain 5k pace for 10+ miles. That was just resulting in frustration. I slowed my pace down to about where you are (10-10:15 min/mile) for any...
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    dream elk hunt

    Once in a lifetime elk hunt? That’s easy. Gila elk tag. Pony up the $15-20k for the landowner tag and another 7-9k for an outfitter.
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    Used Travel Trailers??

    Everyone says travel trailers/5th wheels suck and are poorly built. I’ve owned 3. 2 new and one used, plus a pop up. Never had a single issue out of any of them. I camp10-12x per year and tow my 5th wheel a total of about 5k miles a year. So I use it pretty often. Only issue I have...
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    Whitetail on the brain

    No doubt elk hunting is fun. But I do love me some whitetail hunting. This will be my 23rd season chasing them. I’ve killed somewhere around 70-75 deer. Hasn’t gotten old yet. I was taking a jog around the golf course early this morning and ran up on two nice bucks. Got my heart really...
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    Elk hunting the Bob Marshall wilderness

    I hope he goes into the Bob and shoots a 400” bull. But, I think people are just trying to be real with him. 15 miles into the Bob without a string of pack horses is a recipe for disaster.
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    Elk hunting the Bob Marshall wilderness

    You plan on hiking 10-15 miles into a place that you have never been to and expect to find and kill elk? First of all, I will bet my next paycheck you WILL NOT hike 10-15 miles into the Bob. Secondly, if you somehow do make it that far and get lucky enough to kill an elk, there is no way you...
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    Tree stand height

    Rarely more than 16-18ft. Some set ups are 8-10ft off the ground. It’s all dependent on the area and situation. I have climbed as high as 35ft but not doing that anymore. Quite honestly, I find myself being just as successful hunting from the ground.
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    How are people affording these crazy home prices?

    North Carolina. A couple from New York bought my home. Sight unseen. 25k over asking price with no contingencies, no inspection and 10k due diligence money. Our home prices are high, but nothing compared to many other states.
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    Blood pressure meds

    I don’t know the percentage, but there are those of us out there who, no matter what, will have high BP. My resting HR is 45-50. I’m an ER nurse. Yes, the majority of peoples issues are because of weight and poor diet. But there is always that genetic component lingering for some. We’ve...
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    Blood pressure meds

    Can’t beat genetics. I’m 5’11” weigh 170lbs. I run 30 miles a week. Eat a decent diet, it’s not perfect but I don’t eat much salt or salty processed foods. I was diagnosed with high BP at 18. I was a 2 sport athlete (and a pretty good one) worked out 6 days a week. BP was 170/110 on a...
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    How are people affording these crazy home prices?

    Two bedroom apartment in my area rents for $1750/month. My in laws have 3 rental properties. 3 bed 1.5 bath homes. They rent them for $2000 month and have people beating down the doors to rent them. My wife and I rented for 1 yr after we first got married. This was 2009. We paid $750 a...