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    19" Hoyt Satori

    All prices are TYD -2018 19" Hoyt Satori riser, right hand, black with original side plates, Hoyt woodgrain 50lb long limbs, custom Flemish string, and original carry bag. $600 -7 GoldTip Traditional 500 shafts, cut to 30 1/8" with standard inserts with "fact weights" installed 5 fletcher, 2...
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    Cleaning up the archery bench...

    10" Bee Stinger Pro Hunter w/ weights $50 5- Rage Trypan broadheads, 4 brand new, one shot into foam target with tube of shock collars $70 5- Slick Trick Magnums, 4 brand new, one has curled tip and dull blades $40 9- VAP Elite 350 spine arrows with 30gr aluminum outsers, 28" from front of...
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    Slumberjack Ronin 0° bag

    WTS Slumberjack Ronin 0° bag Used one trip, just not wide enough for my broad shoulders. Never stored compressed, always hung in the closet. $70 TYD
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    Foot traffic only areas...

    This might sound stupid, and I'm sure there is an easy answer... I hunt the same area every year of Colorado, it's an ATV area, and I'm trying to figure out what areas are and aren't foot traffic only. Is there a map, or easy explanation for this?
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    Kifaru Box Stove Baffle?

    Anyone tried a baffle in their kifaru box stove?
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    Kifaru Sawtooth stove size???

    I've read a ton of threads about the sawtooth and stoves, but has anyone ran a large Kifaru box stove in the sawtooth, or is a medium about right?
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    WTB Kifaru Frame

    Looking for a 24 or 26 with Med belt...