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    Wilderness or Selkirk Spike Tent

    I am going to be setting up and hunting out of a base camp on the family ranch. No usable buildings on the place, so tent city it is. I am having a tough time deciding between the wall tent shop wilderness, and the selkirk spike tent. I like the built in floor of the selkirk, as the ranch is...
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    Remington 700 SS Mountain Rifle experiences and thoughts.

    Just like the title says, any thoughts or comments on these as far as quality, issues, etc. There is a nice one in 270 in the classifieds here that I am interested in, will probably be hitting it up after my 10 post and 7 day limit are reached. I haven't used a 700 action in years, been...
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    New from East River South Dakota

    New to the forum, from what I have seen from lurking, I'm gonna like it here.