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  1. Jagrules20

    Best of Both Worlds

    Glad to hear it. I'm getting more sold on this route to be honest. I'm even planning out some longer hunts to justify the purchase a little more.
  2. Jagrules20

    WTS Stone Glacier Solo

    Still available?
  3. Jagrules20

    Best of Both Worlds

    I was hoping to at least have an answer or two like this to somewhat validate my thought process. I'm not a UL backpacker or camper. I have comfort items and I like to carry better food options. That usually means more weight. If I'm going to spend the money, I'd rather have the pack that can...
  4. Jagrules20

    Best of Both Worlds

    Definitely understand that perspective, and have considered that, but from a tool perspective you should absolutely use the tool in multiple ways. I'd argue you shouldn't buy a gun for a singular activity. That's the reason I'm considering a do it all solution for a pack as opposed to splitting...
  5. Jagrules20

    Best of Both Worlds

    Will definitely look into them. Appreciate it!
  6. Jagrules20

    Watch question

    Throwing my two cents in for Garmin as well. I've been wearing a Fenix 5 for the better part of a few years now and love it. It gets beat up in the woods, the gym, and work. Battery is great, and it has tons of bells and whistles while still staying simple.
  7. Jagrules20

    Best of Both Worlds

    Totally forgot about EXO, I'll look into them as well and potentially could hit you up on that offer.
  8. Jagrules20

    Best of Both Worlds

    Definitely not a ton of opportunity around here for those style of hunts, but there's always opportunity out west. Father in law has mentioned trips a few times and my thought process is this would be a good investment even towards that.
  9. Jagrules20

    Chest Rig

    This is so slick. Could make use of this on a ton more than just turkey hunts as well. Definitely got my brain spinning some ideas!
  10. Jagrules20

    Getting tired of the same old thing. New venison Recipes

    Always partial to deer with biscuits and gravy Or another one we do a lot with tenderloin is to cook it in a cast iron with some butter and serve it with some fresh blueberry pancakes. The tang and tartness of the berries really sings with the deer.
  11. Jagrules20

    Best of Both Worlds

    Hey y'all! Long time lurker, not an often poster. Trying to do more of that to be honest. Something I've been mulling around lately is backpack choice. I'm from Southwest VA, but have moved just across the state line to Northeast TN. I typically only do day hunts on private land among my friends...
  12. Jagrules20

    Hello from Southwest Virginia

    Hello all, I'm from Southwest Virginia, right against the border of Northeast Tennessee. I grew up around hunting throughout my entire youth but dedicated a lot more time to sports than the woods. Now that I'm a little older (22) and have a job with the means to follow through with some...