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  1. TEmbry

    ABA Fully Guided Brown Bear Hunt Raffle

    Posting this with Ryan's permission. Alaskan Bowhunter's Association purchased a fully guided Alaskan Brown Bear baited hunt for the spring of 2020 with Jonah's Alaskan Outfitters to raffle off. We are only selling 300 tickets total for $100 each. Anyone who wants to hunt big bears, mountain...
  2. TEmbry

    Kenetrek Mtn Lite Boots sz 11

    Moderate use, just never fit my foot quite right (no kenetreks have). Still have plenty of life left in them for the right person. Asking $100, but make me an offer. I can get pics tomorrow if needed once I return home. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. TEmbry

    OnX Maps Alaska Chip

    Looking for an OnX Alaska Chip? I couldn’t find mine leaving for a trip this fall so purchased a second one. Found it the day I returned. No need for two. New $119, asking $80 to get most of my money back. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. TEmbry

    Jetboil Flash Brand New

    EDIT: These have both sold thanks!
  5. TEmbry

    Underground Quilts Input...

    I've done some searches which haven't turned up much positive or negative about this company. Anyone with hands on experience? Time snuck up on me and I realized it's already May and I haven't ordered my new quilt for the August Brooks hunt this year. Having over 100 nights with my 40*...
  6. TEmbry

    Cabelas Alaskan Guide 6 Man

    SOLD Cabelas Alaskan Guide 6 Man So I bought two of these things this spring. Love it to death as a great tent, but I only ended up needing one after all and don't have a receipt to return the other. $650 retail for the 6 Man Aluminum pole model. Weighs around 26 lbs total which is great for...
  7. TEmbry

    The 29 Hour Walk-In Dall Ram

    Now that the winter months are setting in and archery seasons wrapping up, I decided what better time to relive one of my hunts from this fall. As a little background for this hunt, I am currently finishing up my 4th year in pharmacy school. When asked which 7 week block I would like to have...
  8. TEmbry

    Help with Scope Selection

    So I am a complete newb when it comes to rifles... Shot one for the first time this fall in almost a decade (bow hunter at heart)... That said I just picked up a Tikka T3 Lite SS .30-06. I will be moving to Alaska in a few months and wanted a nice, relatively light mountain rifle to use on...
  9. TEmbry

    Turkey Meatpole

    So lets see em! Who all has a turkey down so far? Feel free to keep adding as the season goes on! First one is a nice Tom from Macon County Alabama two Saturdays ago. 3 rushed the decoys and we mistakenly shot the same bird. 10.5" beard 1.25" spurs. Big bird. Let my buddy claim this one having...
  10. TEmbry

    Slick Tricks vs VPA

    Looking for anyones experience with either head, especially from those who have experience with both. I am switching over to fixed blades this fall for legal and personal reasons. I shoot 340 FMJ arrows and with a 125 grain BH my finished weight is right at 500 grains from a 29" 70# HeliM. I...
  11. TEmbry

    Antique Tag

    Anyone know much about the history of elk and the possibility of this tag actually being real? Currently in Arkansas snow goose hunting and in the hunting cabin we are staying at there is a very antique elk mount head down on the ground as it is being moved. The antlers are pinned to remove...
  12. TEmbry

    5 Points to burn in CO

    So I'm finding myself in somewhat of a pickle. I WILL be burning my points in Colorado this year somewhere. A little background, I'm bow only so I will be wanting to hit the opening week, Aug 30 until I kill. I am planning this hunt for an above timberline experience so that aspect of the hunt...
  13. TEmbry


    I want to stick with my Highcamp bag for at least one more year but want to be a lot more organized this year. I was wondering what everyone else is using as dry bags/pullouts to separate gear? Was thinking one for clothes, one for hunting equipment, one for camp gear, and the last as a huge...
  14. TEmbry

    Leather Lined vs Goretex

    Hitting the final stages of researching which boot I'll go with next and was wondering everyones opinions on which option is better? As a background, I bowhunt only which typically means all my hunting is August/September hiking. I do hunt wet areas like Alaska as much as I do dry areas like...
  15. TEmbry

    Koldo vs Yukon for Bowhunting

    I've read through every review/comparison I can find online. I still can't find an answer to my question. Throw in any other suggestions if you please, but I am a bowhunter only. Meaning I have to be within 50ish yards, not 500 ish yards. Noise is very important in clothing to me. I am...
  16. TEmbry

    Vortex Viper HD

    What are y'all's opinion on these? Is $530 for a brand new set of 10x42s a good deal? I love vortex for their quality in lower end stuff but looking to upgrade and this would be a big investment for me. I want a set of quality glass to get me by. I have 8x50 and 10x32s currently and I think...
  17. TEmbry

    Alaskan Adventure for a Southern Man... Photo Heavy

    Was actually waiting for this forum to spring up before I posted up the story, so no time like the present i guess. I am no stranger to traveling up to Alaska for a DIY hunt, this making the 3rd in 4 years (Kodiak Blacktails in 09 and POW Black Bear in 12). When I began planning this trip, I...
  18. TEmbry

    Kuiu Dropped the Ball Majorly w Tiburon

    I realize people mentioned this in the other thread, but it's such a big issue I figured it could stand to be said again.... No way no how did they field test this shirt, because all it takes is trying it on to realize the flaw. I have skinny, lanky arms. I sized up to an XL when I typically...
  19. TEmbry

    Mt Elbert Next Weekend?

    Anyone up for the Mt. Elbert summit next weekend? I am not in bad shape by any means, but not a spartan warrior either. Will be driving up from New Mexico to camp late Friday night at the south trail head then waking early for the day trip to the top and back. Never done a 14er, so why not...
  20. TEmbry

    Southwest Colorado Hikes

    Hey guys, I know there is a pretty big following on here from Colorado... I am living in Shiprock, NM for a few months and obviously will be looking to get the heck out of there on the weekends lol. Can you all recommend any cool hikes for great scenery? All day trips or overnight trips is...