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    Sold Sage/Ross Combo

    Sage TXL-f 7'-10" 4 wt 4 pc Ross Evolution LT 0 with Rio Gold fly line. This combo has only been fished a couple times, it is in excellent condition. Additional pics upon request. $600 tyd Paypal FF or add 3% or Venmo.
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    Sold Ironwill S200

    One has been shot into my foam target, one shot and missed elk still shaving sharp, one missed same elk and into tree. The head that was shot into the tree has been replaced with new main head. $85 shipped F&F or add 3%
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    Sold Firstlite multiple items

    If it is listed here it is still available. Llano LS XL Fusion - Excellent Condition $40 Add $5 for shipping, can be combined for f multiple items wanted. PayPal f&f or add 3% Llano
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    Sold SO Silvertip

    I had a stove jack added, but have not taken it out of the stuff sack since. Included are all stakes, trekking pole extension, and trekking pole hitch. The tent is seam sealed and has no rips or tears. $250 shipped, Paypal F&F or add 3%.
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    Sold Nikon PROSTAFF 1000i rangefinder

    Rangefinder works great, lightweight, and compact. $150 tyd PayPal ff or add 3%. Let me know if you’d like more pics.
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    Pulk attachment to Duplex frame

    I'm planning on building a pulk to use while coyote hunting in the winter, and I'm wondering if anyone has a good way to attach to a Kifaru frame. I know I could probably just attach with carabiners to the webbing on the belt, but wondered if there was a better way that wouldn't stress the...
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    WTS Unused Selway recurve slide on

    Never been mounted or had arrows in the foam. $100 tyd PayPal f&f or add 3%.
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    Sold ADAK CB bino harness

    $75 tyd F&F or add 3%
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    Sold AGC Kodiak CUB w/max pocket

    $60 tyd. I added auto locks to the top of the pack.
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    Sold RG 14’r & water bottle pocket

    No rips, tears, or stains. No pockets or straps have been cut. Medium belt, composite stays. $325 shipped PayPal F&F or add 4%.
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    Sold SO Redcliff UPDATED

    I’m reluctantly selling my Redcliff. There are no ember holes in the tent, only used the stove a couple times. There are no rips, tears, or repairs. Tent is seam sealed by me and does have screen doors. It’s an awesome shelter and pretty easy to pitch. Carbon fiber pole and 4 twisted aluminum...
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    Sold Kifaru Woodsman RG

    Bag is a little dusty from this years hunt. All straps and k-clips included. Works on new frame, but designed for duplex frame. $160 tyd PP friends & family or buyer pays fee. I will provide any pics requested. Thanks.
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    WTS Prana Zion 35x30

    Mud color no rips, stains, or tears. Worn very little. $50 tyd, PP+fees, or Friends & Family. Pics available.
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    WTS SOLD Kifaru Sheep Tarp

    Great shape, no holes, rips, or tears. Any pics wanted are available, please text to 970 219 2580. $95 tyd PayPal (ff or pay the fee) or USPS money order.
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    Sitka Cloudburst L Open Country

    Sitka Cloudburst L Open Country SOLD No rips, tears, stains, or smells. $200.00 shipped CONUS PP F&F or USPS money order. Text if you'd like additional pics, 9702192580.
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    Kifaru Quilt

    Anyone else pull the trigger on one? I took mine out this weekend to a trad shoot, truck camping basically. It was my first night in a quilt, but definitely not my last. I'm not sure how cold it got outside but I was plenty warm inside and never woke up all night. I am impressed with the...
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    FS Seekoutside Cimarron

    Purchased as a 2nd (not sure what makes it a 2nd), dual screen doors, stove jack, line-loc extensions, REI aluminum center pole, 10 stakes, seam sealed, brown. I don't have any pics, but I can set it up if necessary. I used it for the first time this weekend, and it was great, I just need to...
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    WTS Seekoutside DST

    Only set up in the yard a couple times. $110 paypal ff or usps money order.
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    Maxima Red SD brass inserts

    Are they available? Can someone point me in the right direction, thanks.