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    WTS 7mm bullets Hornady/Lapua/Swift

    For sale and shipped tyd Quantities updated 162 Eld-m box of 100 $45 180 Eld-m box of 62 $40 180 Scenar L box of 100 $45
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    Sold Athlon ares 65mm 15-45 1st gen

    Athlon Ares spotter, good shape, clean glass $475 tyd. Prefer PayPal
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    Sold Carbonsix Tikka prefit 7mm WSM

    New 21” featherweight contour 1-8.5 twist Muzzle threaded 5/8 7mm WSM Will throw in 50 pieces of brass, brake, and dies $750
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    Sold Tikka 300wsm barrel

    Looking for a 300wsm Tikka barrel. Stainless preferred
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    Carbon Six

    I finally received my barrel and I wanted to post a couple pictures and get opinions on if I’m being picky on the contour or if you think this is acceptable.
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    Tikka 7mm build?

    I am about to order a barrel for my super lite 7mm rem mag probably 20-22”. I am between sticking with the rm because I have brass and dies for it or going WSM, I would like the option to shoot up to 180’s. I understand the mag length restrictions with the rm and that I would sacrifice...
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    Rem 700 shouldered prefit

    After reading a post of someone using a shoulders prefit, I was curious if anyone else had done it and how it turned out?
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    WTB Swaro Ats non hd

    Looking for a used ats non hd 65 or 80 or if your willing to make a good deal on an HD. May also be interested in a kowa 663
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    Sirui 5c/7c tripod

    Has anyone used one of these? They are a little heavy but look stout. They are a lot cheaper than some of the other models.
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    Sold Marmot Precip medium $40

    Marmot precip medium, Green, worn a few times good shape. $40tyd PayPal
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    MOUNTAINSMITH MOUNTAIN SHELTER LT Green used once. $75 tyd PayPal
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    Sold Minox MD50W $150

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    Vortex Vulture 15x56

    Vultures are on DVOR for 374.99
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    15’s for narrow IPD

    I’m looking for a set of 15’s that can reach there minimum Interpupillary distance while mounted on a tripod. Swaro’s aren’t in the budget and I don’t want to use the plate adapter. Any ideas? Thanks!
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    WTS Minox MD50 angled

    Good condition $135 tyd PayPal
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    Tikka vertical grip

    Has anyone changed there grip on a Tikka T3x to the vertical one? What do you think of it?
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    Sold Primary arms 4-14x44 FFP

    New in box. First focal plane. Turrets are in mils. Mildot reticle $135 Pay pal
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    Tikka ring and base question?

    I am planning on buying a Tikka T3x superlite in 6.5 cm, I have a leupold vx3i 4.5-14 cds. I would like to use Talley light weights but want to be able to shoot steel to 1000 yards. The scope has 64 Moa of adjustment. Has anyone used a similar setup?
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    Viper hs-t vs vx3i

    My scope broke and I need one by this weekend. I am looking at the vortex viper hst 4-16x44 or leupold vx3i 4.5-14 cds. What would be the more reliable scope tracking wise. This will be going on a savage 11 in 7mm-08 for shooting out to 700 yards or so. Thanks for any advice!
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    Lifetime 55q cooler

    I saw one of these at Walmart the other day. Has anyone ever used one? $97 price tag it might be a good deal.