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  1. Whitetaildown215

    Kifaru large belt pouch question.

    I have a nomad 2 and am looking for something to run between the wings for predator hunting. I’m curious if anyone happens to know if a fox pro fusion would fit in a large belt pouch? I want to use my wings to carry jackets and odds and ends and want something in between them to carry my call...
  2. Whitetaildown215

    WTB Kifaru native or bane

    Looking for a native or bane in , RG, MC, Highlander, or Coyote.
  3. Whitetaildown215

    Tactacam 5.0 settings

    I didn’t see what I was looking for in the search function so thought I would ask. What settings are you guys running with a tactacam 5.0. I’m specifically looking at the slow motion. The default doesn’t seem to slow it down much which I think is 1080 @ 120 FPS. I’m thinking my arrows are...
  4. Whitetaildown215

    Sitka equinox midi vs gradient

    Ok I know they are essentially the same thing except the pattern and stirrups. Here’s what I have. I bought a pair of gradient pants last year to wear under my stratus and for hunting coyotes. I’m debating on getting the midi pants because well they are elevated 2. However I don’t see myself...
  5. Whitetaildown215

    Ground blinds without Velcro?

    As the title suggests. I’m looking for blind options without Velcro, something like silent slide windows. I’m also not looking to spend an arm and a leg. Does anyone make something with this sort of criteria!
  6. Whitetaildown215

    Are stealth cams worth it?

    I owned a couple stealth cams a few years ago and they were junk, however I think they were the cheaper models but I can’t remember but we had gotten them from Camofire. Are the cell cameras they make any good? I’m specifically looking at the WXA AND THE MUDDY MANIFEST they offer. I am currently...
  7. Whitetaildown215

    Stealth cam cell cameras

    I owned a couple stealth cams a few years ago and they were junk, however I think they were the cheaper models but I can’t remember but we had gotten them from Camofire. Are the cell cameras they make any good? I’m specifically looking at the WXA AND THE MUDDY MANIFEST they offer. I am...
  8. Whitetaildown215

    What are you planting for food plots in 2020

    Curious to know what you guys have planted or are planning to plant this year for food plots. We don’t have the best soil but clover seems to grow naturally pretty well around our fields so we are adding more of that. We are also going to try some whitetail institute fusion and winter greens...
  9. Whitetaildown215

    3D Broadhead targets?

    Looking for suggestions fro a good 3D target for broadheads. I have an 18-1 that I have been using for years and it still has a lot of like left. However I would like to get a 3D target for more realistic shooting.
  10. Whitetaildown215

    Arrow build recommendations

    Looking for arrow build recommendations. I will be using it in a VXR 28. Draw length is 28.5. I have 75lb mods currently but since I’m getting older I’m thinking about dropping down to about 67lbs. I also plan to use iron will wide 100 series heads. Looking to get somewhere around 485-500...
  11. Whitetaildown215

    Stabilizer recommendations

    I ordered a VXR 28 during the lock down and hope it comes in soon so I’m searching for accessories. I’m ordering a hamskea rest and have a black gold sight already. I’m needing help on a stabilizer. I’m also thinking of trying a back bar and that’s where I really need the help. What exactly...
  12. Whitetaildown215

    Sold Garmin Inreach mini

    I have a brand new Garmin I reach mini. I bought it last spring and doubt I will get to use it for several years. Only opened to look at and put right back in the box. Asking $325obo shipped in the lower 48.
  13. Whitetaildown215

    Between the wing option for nomad 2

    I am looking for options to run between the wings of my nomad 2 for day hunts. I have a camp bag for multi day trips but trying to pin down something for day use. I have thought about a couple of large belt pouches. I was originally going to go with a native if possible and use it for a lid but...
  14. Whitetaildown215

    Crispi flex ratings

    I am looking at getting some crispi boots and I don’t really understand the flex ratings. I’m wanting a pair of uninsulated and a pair of insulated boots. Living in Missouri I don’t have the need for mountain boots so I’m wanting something light and flexible. I was gonna get a set of the Thor...
  15. Whitetaildown215

    4 fletch helicle or straight

    I have a bitzenburger jig and wondering how you guys set up a 4 fletch arrow. Straight with an offset or helicle?
  16. Whitetaildown215

    Mathews limb splinter

    So I was having a tuning issue with a Mathews chill, I went to a different shop to see what they could do (an hour drive). The drive wasnt a big issue because my hunting property is halfway so it was an excuse to go by and check it out. As the tech was looking it over and he is part time and...
  17. Whitetaildown215

    Anyone use wasp fixed blade heads

    Just wondering if anyone out there has used or is using any of the wasp fixed blade heads. My local dealer has a big display of them and has cut back to only 1 or 2 packs of slick tricks and exodus so I thought I might give the wasp brand a try.
  18. Whitetaildown215

    Arrow weight, arrow speed, tuning

    Ok so I just picked up a used mathews chill, ordered a new twisted x tring and cable set, had a new qad arrow rest installed. Bow specs are 70#/28" draw. I am trying to decide on an arrow, this will be for whitetail. I took my old arrows I had on my triax which weigh 530 grains. The bow did NOT...
  19. Whitetaildown215

    Where to get new bow strings

    Wondering where most of you get your aftermarket strings for your bows? I need a set for a bow I just purchased.
  20. Whitetaildown215

    WTB Used mathews bow

    I know this is a long shot but you never know. I'm looking to buy a used mathews bow. 28.5/70#. Prefer a black bow or stone. Mainly looking for a chill, chill x, or maybe a chill r. Will entertain others but those are what I'm mainly looking for.