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    Cut While Butchering--Reason to Worry?

    I cut meat professionally for a couple years, game and otherwise. We knicked ourselves from time to time. Never knew anyone to have a problem. That said, just keep an eye on it, and if it starts turning color or feeling funny, go see a doctor.
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    Common hunting colloquialisms

    If you could harness the brain power in here,, you could toast some bread.
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    Sold Vortex Spitfire HD Gen 2 3x Prism Scope

    I'll take it, subject to one (possibly stupid) question, is it black? Lighting makes it look gray, but I can't really tell. If black, pm me your paypal info.
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    WTS/WTT Robertsonscoot SCAMMER

    Do you know if they cover scopes?
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    Sold Sitka Midweight Quarter Zip - XXL - NWOT - Elevated II

    Would you say this is heavier or lighter than a Traverse?
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    I will try to check in over the weekend, not sure if I'll be able to. If you sell it (AGC bino...

    I will try to check in over the weekend, not sure if I'll be able to. If you sell it (AGC bino harness) to someone else, no worries. I'll talk to you Monday if it's still available. Have a good weekend.
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    Hunt to Eat no more

    That's a pretty woke thought ;)
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    WTS Alaska Guide Creations KISS with Basement new unused

    I'll take it. Send me your paypal info and I'll get a payment to you. I am leaving town at about 4:00 CST today and will be out of the loop until Monday. If you get back to me by then, I'll get you a payment asap.
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    Organ meat in jerky?

    Sounds interesting. I have not tried or tasted anything like this. I have 2 thoughts though. I worked for a sausage maker for a while, and we'd grind beef heart into our beef summer sausage. It's nice meat, but didn't really change the character of the product. Liver, on the other hand, is...
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    A Hunter's Why

    Explaining the why of hunting has no value to those committed to opposing hunting, they believe they have an ethical cause and are mostly beyond convincing. The value in answering this question is for the people in the middle, those who are not anti hunting, but but don't engage in it...
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    WTS Well...I got scammed

    Paypal doesn't do gun transactions. I ran across this: But, I haven't used it yet.
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    What do you do with your venison?

    That's pretty much what I do. Soy/Teriyaki for a base, some Worcester too, then whatever sounds good: Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Sesame Oil, Cayenne Pepper/Tabasco, Sesame Oil, Liquid Smoke, Black Pepper, Paprika/Chili Powder/Cumin, Bourbon, or anything else that sounds good. My dehydrator...
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    How many of you own semi-auto rifles?

    I have none. When I can fit it into the budget, I'll pick up an AR, just because. All my hunting rifles are bolts, and my shotguns are pumps. I'd take a semi shotgun, but never saw the need/practicality for a rifle. I have a friend who's big game rifle is a semi (non AR) though.
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    Side By side Fridges?

    Why the big secret?
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    Terramar 8 inch, Boxers $3

    2XL only, free shipping title says Boxer, link says Brief, they look like boxer briefs to me
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    "Conservation" = "More ungulates"?

    There's an underlying premise here, that we humans, hunters and otherwise, don't necessarily agree on. Is human activity natural? That is, are we part of nature or above nature. If the former, the mere fact that we change things does not make them unnatural and in need of restoration...
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    toes getting jammed in toe box

    I wore a 13 for years, recently had to go up to a 14 (since there's no 13 1/2). I have a pair of Zamberland Dakotas that I started experiencing the same thing with my toes while going down hill. I was really surprised when I found an old pair of speedlace boots issue to me when I joined the...
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    Sell the Green egg for a Pellet Grill?

    I would consider keeping the Egg and picking up a moderately priced gas grill for quick cooks during the week.
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    Treestand turkey?

    My buddy took one a few years ago. He admits it was more luck than anything. Fairly long shot as I recall.
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    Tight Spot Quivers on Camofire

    Shoot! Didn't notice, saw it and got excited, was just sitting here contemplating 3 or 5 arrow.