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  1. jzeblaz

    How much trouble getting this to feed?

    I think the 7 PRC sounds like a fun project on that platform. 26 Nosler is an interesting one, but I'm not keen on it either. 28 Nosler would probably be an easy swap too if you wanted all the horsepower a man could need. 😁
  2. jzeblaz

    Powder Selection Assistance

    I haven't loaded for 6.5 PRC, but does some of the data have a LRM primer, like the CCI 250? There is some data on this here:
  3. jzeblaz

    Guide tip amount??

    I have always gone with 10% unless there were "circumstances". If you're happy, the guide will usually be happy with that. What others have said, plan for that, adjust accordingly and with what you can afford. I plan for 10% in the budget and it usually comes out just right.
  4. jzeblaz

    6.5 Bullet for antelope

    The LRX should be great. I've dropped 6 of them with NBT, TTSX, ETips and LRX. The only one that ran was the NBT, but it was a short distance and had a massive exit wound. The other were all DRT, 270 Win and 280 Rem; all at about 200 yards.
  5. jzeblaz

    New Guy from Central CA

    Howdy. Norcal here.
  6. jzeblaz

    Folding Mountain Rifle Build

    Was that in the 6.5CM as well?
  7. jzeblaz

    SA Savage ultralight actual weights

    Doesn't Savage (Sportman's does) list the CM at 5.8 lbs?
  8. jzeblaz

    Basecamp Dinners

    I'll echo a lot of what's been said already, chili, pulled pork, venison burgers (patties preformed and frozen), sausage from previous year's elk/deer/antelope. My secret weapon is having my wife make her Pad Thai and bag that. Simple reheat and enjoy with some fresh chopped cilantro and a pan...
  9. jzeblaz

    WTS .257 Wby for sale

    1:10" twist?
  10. jzeblaz

    Identify these scope rings please

    I agree. I thought the other style of Talley, but the 2 screws are different. Check this out:
  11. jzeblaz

    Sons custom 6.5 Creed

    How'd it shoot?
  12. jzeblaz

    Folding Mountain Rifle Build

    Hot damn! Can't argue with that. Well done.
  13. jzeblaz

    Folding Mountain Rifle Build

    Sweet build. How'd it shoot?
  14. jzeblaz

    Chrono on handloads not matching up with truing

    Sounds you've got it figured; Always good to verify. Whenever I am up against the clock like that and stressing long distance, I draw a gimme shot. Good luck on the hunt and report back your findings and success.
  15. jzeblaz

    7mm-08 accubond option

    I'd try the 140 grain Nosler E-Tip or Barnes 145 LRX. Hammers are pretty easy to load for too.
  16. jzeblaz

    WTS ruger 77 RSI .250 savage

    Do you happen to know the twist rate?
  17. jzeblaz

    Best all-around butchering knife

    The prices are! Some of those smaller ones look like Montana Knife Co. knives.
  18. jzeblaz

    7mm08 Powders

  19. jzeblaz

    7mm08 Powders

    What kind of velocities are you seeing on those? Do you have a range of barrel lengths or do you find 20-22" about the sweet spot? I'm mostly interested in the TTSX and LRX loads. Thanks!
  20. jzeblaz

    WTS Savage ultralight 6.5prc

    How's it shoot?

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