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  1. Boxerboxer

    WTT Want to swap Selway slide on quiver hardware for your Selway strap on hardware

    I've got longbow (fits 1" to 1-3/8" limb) and recurve (1-1/2" to 2") size slide-on hardware for a Selway quiver and would like to trade for Selway strap-on hardware. If you're interested but not sure how to swap out the hardware I can help with that, it's pretty easy. I would also buy extra...
  2. Boxerboxer

    Sold 190-200ish gr Glue-on Broadheads

    Looking for at least 3 and up to 6 glue-on broadheads in the 190-200gr range. Somethings I have I'd be willing to work out a trade for: 10 fletched Day Six HD 350 arrows with 50gr centric insert/collar installed, 1 bareshaft 2 Day Six Evo 125gr broadheads 3 RMS Cutthroat 125gr screwin RB...
  3. Boxerboxer

    Hiking in wet conditions

    I just went for a 30 minute hike on a WPA near me (rolling prairie, nothing crazy terrain wise) wearing a pair of Crispi Thors I have about 25 miles on. I didn’t think about how tall the grass was or how much dew there is in the morning and my nylon pants and socks ended up wicking a ton of...
  4. Boxerboxer

    Finally punched a tag with the recurve!

    I’ve been trying to kill a turkey since 2017 when I shotgun hunted a private farm in IL. I missed so many opportunities that year. “That’s way too many gobbles to be anything but a hunter calling” prevented me from going after several turkeys, and not knowing what a Jake was prevented me from...
  5. Boxerboxer

    WTB WTB Hoyt Fuel or RKT #3 RH Cams

    Looking for a set of Hoyt Fuel or RKT #3 RH cams. Ideally looking for 28.5" or 29" mods but that's not a deal breaker.
  6. Boxerboxer

    WTS Prime Centergy 50-60lbs @ 29" in First Lite Fusion

    SOLD $425 395 bare bow to your door. Includes PP fee. The following accessories could be negotiated as part of the deal: * Tight spot 7 arrow quiver. Ding in back of good but otherwise in good condition. * Hamskea Hybrid Pro Hunter rest * Bee stinger straight QD mount * Spider Archery Tracker...
  7. Boxerboxer

    Kifaru Gen 1 22 Mag On Sale After Gen 2 Announced

    Coyote and Wolf Only. Was $260, now $208. Video comparing Gen1 and Gen2: Link to buy:
  8. Boxerboxer

    Bringing Leukotape

    Guys that being leukotape to the field, how do you bring it? I have a roll with way more than I need. Can I tear off a foot or two and roll it back up on itself without it losing stickiness? Is there a better way? The whole roll isn't THAT heavy but it is bulky and my first aid pullout is...
  9. Boxerboxer

    WTB Cable Stops for Prime TRK (Centergy, Centergy Hybrid) Cam

    Let me know if you have a set you're willing to part with.
  10. Boxerboxer

    WTB WTB Prime TRK Cable Stops

    Looking for a set of cable stops for Prime TRK cams (Centergy, Centergy Air, Centergy Hybrid). Let me know if you have some.
  11. Boxerboxer

    Alaska Guide Creations 20% Off, Free Shipping

    AGC is running a 20% off sale on what appears to be damn near everything, and with code PREHUNT19 shipping is free. I grabbed the new rangefinder pouch for $24 to my door.
  12. Boxerboxer

    Marmot Sale

    Marmot has several flavors of the lightweight Precip rain jacket/anorak on sale, and probably some other useful stuff. 10% Activejunky cash back as well.
  13. Boxerboxer

    Coyote Meat

    I shot a coyote in March and wanted to try eating one at least once. I fried up a piece of the backstrap and honestly, other than being a tad more iron-y than most of the venison I've had it really wasn't that different. I just finished making breakfast sausage (4:1 coyote to pork fat) out of...
  14. Boxerboxer

    Kifaru Duplex Lite/Ultralite with Hypalon Sleeve Bag

    Does anyone have pictures of one of the older bags (I have the older Argali with no handle or PALS on the snow collar) with the Duplex Lite or Ultralite frame? I'm assuming one or more of the loops toward the top of the frame will poke out through the hole in the sleeve and you'll just be...
  15. Boxerboxer

    Alaska Guide Creations Autolock Buckle Upgrade

    As some of you with older AGC harnesses may know, the buckles they were using prior to the current generation sometimes will not hold the webbing without slipping. On my Kodiak Cub MAX 3 of 4 buckles were fine but the right top buckle would always slip and leave that side of the harness hanging...
  16. Boxerboxer

    WTS Kifaru Cargo Panel, Foliage

    SOLD $65 shipped, PP fees covered. Catch and release. This is the previous gen cargo panel is in good condition. All 3 compression straps and slotted female buckles included. No blood, mysterious odors. There is one very small Staind located close to the top of the panel on the outside. You...
  17. Boxerboxer

    Alaska Guide Creations Rangefinder Pouch

    Just got an email that AGC is opening up presale on their new rangefinder pouch. Does anyone have hands-on with it yet? I was planning on picking up the FHF pouch, but since I run the AGC harness it would be nice to keep it in the family...
  18. Boxerboxer

    Buddies miss their application deadline?

    Sign 'em up for the Night's Watch. A coworker wrote this up after half his party of 8 missed the MT elk application deadline:
  19. Boxerboxer

    Vortex Razor HD 4000 Rangefinder

    Has anybody gotten hands on one of these yet? Street price of $500, 4000yd reflective, 1600yd deer range, Razor glass, and with the Vortex Warranty seems like it has potential to be a real contender for higher-end rangefinders. Hopefully the product is more ready than the Ranger 1000 was when...
  20. Boxerboxer

    Prime Centergy fit issues

    I shot this video tonight of me taking a shot with my centergy: It's got 60lb limbs currently maxed at 62.7lbs. It's set at my draw length of 29" per AMO measurement spec. Just got peep set to the correct height and served in tonight. Nock point at at straight through the Berger hole, arrow...