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  1. DakotaBPNW

    Looking for a tent for the family
  2. DakotaBPNW

    your good (or not so good) customer service interactions of late

    Not so good- Sitka: had a core lightweight hoody arrive and it already had a bunch of pulls/runs in the sleeves. I wore it one day under a jacket and then sent them a picture explaining that it arrived like that. While I understand it’s going to be delicate, I’d prefer to not have those issues...
  3. DakotaBPNW

    Most Underrated or Undervalued Truck/SUV?

    Subaru Crosstrek- will go anywhere a pickup will go as long as you put decent tires on it. Average 27-30 MPG with a roof box which leaves tons of room.
  4. DakotaBPNW

    Howl for Wildlife. Washington Spring Bear

    Very well said and I don’t disagree in the least, it just seems like now more than ever we need to be holding this elected officials accountable. The politicians are no longer afraid of the repercussions of their actions and that’s become evident enough you’d hope people would notice.
  5. DakotaBPNW

    Howl for Wildlife. Washington Spring Bear

    Very unfortunate that we didn’t see more traction on this thread in general.
  6. DakotaBPNW

    If you could only have two pants...

    SG DH Lites for both. Just wear long johns or not accordingly.
  7. DakotaBPNW

    Howl for Wildlife. Washington Spring Bear

    I’m sure we will be right behind you here in Oregon.
  8. DakotaBPNW

    WTS Stone Glacier Chinook

    Up, make an offer
  9. DakotaBPNW

    Scope rings?

    Lows will work fine
  10. DakotaBPNW

    Sold Nemo Kayu 30

  11. DakotaBPNW

    Take no prisoners dry bags

    Another vote for NRS
  12. DakotaBPNW

    2022 Blacktail Bucks

    Awesome buck. Friday was nasty!
  13. DakotaBPNW

    WTS Stone Glacier Chinook

    I’d say they’re very close. I can wear either, the Mediums are just a little tighter.
  14. DakotaBPNW

    Sold Nemo Kayu 30

  15. DakotaBPNW

    Sold Nemo Kayu 30