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  1. JAlvis

    Birders Optic Classified?

    Is there a site Birders use for optic classifieds? There was one years ago but cant find it now.
  2. JAlvis

    WTB Swarovski Habicht Porro Prism Binoculars

    Looking for Swarovski Habicht Porro Prism binoculars. PM with whatever you might have.
  3. JAlvis

    Porro Prism obsolete?

    Are Porro Prism binoculars obsolete for hunters? Whats your thoughts? I'm always impressed when using a Porro. Seems to offer more then I expect and always has me wondering what older or new porro is worth picking up.
  4. JAlvis

    WTS FILSON Game Bag Vests (New with Tags)

    New with Tags - New Condition - Filson 1st Two Version and two sizes of each available. You pay shipping and Paypal fees $220.00 Each Shipped - Tin Cloth - Model 2020449 SOLD 1 Sized Regular SOLD 1 Sized Super Price Drop to $350 Each Shipped - Shelter Cloth - Model 20020029 1 Sized Regular 1...
  5. JAlvis

    WTS SIG Rattler Canebrake NIB

    New In Box. Never fired. Private Sell not an FFL. $3,050
  6. JAlvis

    WTB Swarovski CTC or CTS spotting Scope

    If you have a Swarovski CTC or CTS spotting scope you want to sell please PM on here or reply below.
  7. JAlvis

    Private land programs for Habitat improvements?

    Anyone aware of (or used) government programs to convert or improve private land use to animal habitat? Ive been improving my small holding out of pocket but intend to increase my land to 200 plus acres. Would like to convert the majority to a highly diverse and healthy habitat for native game...
  8. JAlvis

    28 Gauge

    Who here prefers 28g and what are you shooting? What loads do you prefer and for what birds?
  9. JAlvis

    Anyone still using Zeiss Dialyts?

    I'm in the market for new Binos. Last time I was in the market the Zeiss Dialyt was the Cats Meow. Classic 10x40 for everyday use and the 15x60 for spotting. Whats the current thoughts or who still prefers them?
  10. JAlvis

    Durable Rainwear

    Looking for hunting rainwear thats durable and not overly bulky. Used early gore tex, rubber jackets and pants in Alaska, and even Filson Tin cloth. Any thoughts? I buy once and wear price is my last consideration. Also I dont wear Como so has to have neutral colors.