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  1. Sherman

    Oklahoma Duck Hunting

    Will be heading to Glenpool for Thanksgiving. Thinking about bringing some decoys and the guns. It will be me and two of my sons, maybe a young nephew tagging along. Is there anyone who has knowledge of the public stuff near Tulsa that can fill me in? Probably just a one time morning hunt...
  2. Sherman

    SKRE Bundles

    My freshmen son worked all summer inspecting boats at the lake and wisely spent the majority of his earning on multiple firearms he uses for hunting. Now that football season is over he has decided to not play any other sports until football next year and will be spending his time in the weight...
  3. Sherman

    Civic duty

    Please get out and vote today.
  4. Sherman

    Son’s First Elk (cow)

    My family and I are transplants to Colorado from California. We never hunted in California because there was so much to do there and I wasn’t raised a hunter, though our recreation always revolved around the outdoors. When we got to Colorado a buddy took us duck hunting, then goose, then turkey...
  5. Sherman

    New SX4 & Affinity

    I received my new SX4 yesterday and my 15 y/o son worked his as of all summer and bought himself a Franchi Affinity. Looking for help deciding if we need aftermarket choke tubes or not and what you guys are running. Dove - pheasant - goose - duck - turkey Both guns are 12g. Mine is 3.5” and...
  6. Sherman

    Colorado Elk Reports

    Due to a few medical issues I will not be able to go with the guys on the archery hunt this year. If I get my blood pressure under control and off these meds I will be back at it next year. I would love to hear what you guys are seeing/hearing out there. Are they in the rut? Are they staying...
  7. Sherman

    Blood pressure meds

    Any crazy side effects you noticed first year of taking them? They put me on Valsartan. Went on a scouting trip last weekend and had to cut it short. Numbness in my hands and feet. Drained of energy. Something definitely off.
  8. Sherman

    If you could have one more....

    A few months back I started the vasectomy thread. I finally got it done last week at the ripe age of 41. I have an admitted weak pull-out game and a few days after the vasectomy my wife and I had a pregnancy scare from a previous encounter prior to the procedure. While waiting for the results...
  9. Sherman


    As I sit and watch Calgary vs Edmonton I keep wondering what it’s really like living in Canada. I mean, my only references are The Trailer Park Boys and Letterkenny. I’m just going to assume that all Canadian woman are depicted in Letterkenny and most men are similar to Bubbles. We have...
  10. Sherman

    Instant Karma

    Reading through the the “Report Violations on Public Land!” thread and am loving some of the stories that involve instant karma on entitled douchebags. I would love to hear some stories from you guys about real life instant karma. Doesn’t have to be hunting related. I will start, though it...
  11. Sherman

    International Sportsmen’s Expo - Denver

    Who’s going? I will be heading there Friday around 11am. Kind of excited.
  12. Sherman

    Colorado Backpack Fishing

    After moving to Colorado a few years ago I finally have packs for my two oldest sons and myself dialed in and plan on spending lots of time in the Rockies backpacking and fishing. I won enough money betting the NCAA tournament to purchase three nice tenkara rods with all of the extras. I have a...
  13. Sherman

    Potential Colorado Kuiu Customers

    Just received an email saying Kuiu will be in Denver if you’re in the market for a new pack and need a fitting.
  14. Sherman

    Sitka Saturday

    On Camofire
  15. Sherman

    Crispi Boots

    On sale on the camofire app.
  16. Sherman

    The Rokslide Sports Betting Thread

    There is a stock traders thread, so thought I would start a sports betting thread where all of us degenerates could co-mingle. Do you do your own handicapping? Watch opening lines and track line movements? Have a spot to get the best number? See a line that makes no sense that you want to...
  17. Sherman

    If you change your own oil…..

    I would stock up RIGHT NOW with enough oil/filters for at least the next 18-24 months for all of your vehicles.
  18. Sherman

    Hammock Gear Quilts

    Currently 15% off quilts. High quality comfort rated quilts. I have a 20 degree system that I’ve had in 13 degree temps with no issues. At 25 degrees I was in my skivvies and toasty warm.
  19. Sherman


    Somebody on a different thread mentioned somebody should start one of these threads. I’ll go first. My wife (35) just had her IUD removed. I need to get snipped so I can commence to shoot up the club as my pull out game is weak and with no goalie in place, I don’t need to have another kid at...
  20. Sherman

    WTS FR Ariat Blue Jeans

    I get 5 new sets a year and my closet is getting cluttered. They are all in different stages of wear, some have a busted belt loop, but all have plenty of life left in them. They are even nice to wear outside of work. These run about $80-$85 new. Not sure how many I have, but I will count them...