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    WTB Knight tk2000

    Still looking, thanks
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    WTB Knight tk2000

    Looking to buy a knight tk2000 muzzleloading shotgun. Thanks
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    WTB Encore 209x12 gauge barrel

    Looking to buy a 209x12 gauge barrel for tc encore, please let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks
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    Leather Sling Recommendation

    Not really customizable, but my preference for a leather sling is a Montana gun sling.
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    2021 Turkey Meat Pole

    Southern Illinois bird from last week.
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    Danner snake boots?

    Thanks, you guys have successfully talked me out of snake boots.
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    Danner snake boots?

    Thanks. Think I’ll just go the gaiter route.
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    Danner snake boots?

    Thanks. I’m also looking at the turtle skins, they cost about the same as what the snake boots would with 50% off. I’ve never worn snake boots, but after some research I’m thinking gaiters might be best for walking in the hills all day.
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    Danner snake boots?

    Anyone have any experience with Danner snake boots? I’ve got a 50% off Danner coupon, figured it’s not a bad idea to get some snake boots for turkey hunting.
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    Dedicated deer shotgun

    Savage 220, I shoot the Winchester partition golds
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    Buy once cry once shotgun for water fowl

    Mark me down as another vote for Benelli SBE
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    First deer

    Congrats! First ones the toughest.
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    Election Yard Signs

    Needs some Pritzker sucks signs, looks like where I’m at.
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    Inexpensive tree stand outerwear

    I think the natural gear fleece stuff is a pretty good bang for the buck. If you already have some good layering stuff, the heater body suit or Iwom type stuff might be the way to go. Never used em, but I’m tempted every year to try. Last couple years 2nd season hasn’t been that cold, but it’s...
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    Tungsten Turkey shells worth the price?

    I shot em this year in a 20 gauge, I wouldn’t if I was shooting a 12. With a 12 I got good enough patterns with lead 5s or 6s to do what I need it to, but I ain’t a long range turkey shooter. The real benefit is in smaller shotguns, and I my experience a more forgiving pattern at closer range.
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    Favorite knife for whitetail hunting?

    When I decided to step up to a quality knife, I bought a benchmade steep country. Average 3-4 deer field dressed a year since I picked it up and am happy with it. I like orange handles so I can find em when I set em down easier in the dark. If you like wood handles and leather sheaths benchmade...
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    Wooltimate or First Lite Solitude

    I don’t have any first hand experience with the solitude stuff, but a buddy has some and it doesn’t look like it’d be warm enough for my liking on a tree stand hunt mid to late season. I have the old Woodbury jacket they discontinued and would recommend it, in fact I’m always checking the...