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    Kifaru large belt pouch question.

    I would appreciate that
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    Kifaru large belt pouch question.

    I have the alps outdoors predator vest. It says it’s 800/in3. I can fit my call, speaker, decoy, and remote in it with a small amount of space left. So that really has me looking at the bane now.
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    Kifaru large belt pouch question.

    I have a nomad 2 and am looking for something to run between the wings for predator hunting. I’m curious if anyone happens to know if a fox pro fusion would fit in a large belt pouch? I want to use my wings to carry jackets and odds and ends and want something in between them to carry my call...
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    WTB Kifaru native or bane

    Looking for a native or bane in , RG, MC, Highlander, or Coyote.
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    Testing new broadheads

    I really like the exodus, however for some reason I can’t get them to fly with my field points but my wasp darts and iron will wides do.
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    Tactacam 5.0 settings

    I tried that and couldn’t really tell a difference. I’ll try it again tomorrow. They say the iPhone XR has 240fps and its way slower than the tactacam when I set it to that so maybe I’m doing something wrong.
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    Tactacam 5.0 settings

    I didn’t see what I was looking for in the search function so thought I would ask. What settings are you guys running with a tactacam 5.0. I’m specifically looking at the slow motion. The default doesn’t seem to slow it down much which I think is 1080 @ 120 FPS. I’m thinking my arrows are...
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    Pulsar Releases XQ38, XQ50 Thermion Thermal Riflescopes

    I need to start searching for a thermal or night vision scope. Good to see these are out now.
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    Early public land archery - field edges and stand advice?

    Any chance you have an Ariel view of the area you can post up? It may be helpful to get a better idea of how it lays with the parking areas. Are there any creeks along the edge or anything that would create a funnel area?
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    Sitka equinox midi vs gradient

    Ok I know they are essentially the same thing except the pattern and stirrups. Here’s what I have. I bought a pair of gradient pants last year to wear under my stratus and for hunting coyotes. I’m debating on getting the midi pants because well they are elevated 2. However I don’t see myself...
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    Kuiu or Sitka

    OP, I hunt southwest Missouri so I understand the temps you are facing. I can get cold easy at times as well. Her is my system for most of the year. I have merino bottoms an equinox pants for early to mid season. As the season goes on I have a set of heavyweight bottoms and gradient pants for...
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    Trail cam for better night pictures?

    We have had pretty good luck with the wild game innovation and moultrie cameras. However for the life of me I can’t remember the names because we have so many. Oh one of the wild game is a terra 12.
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    What are you planting for food plots in 2020

    Well most of our food plots didn’t come up. We hadn’t had much rain all summer (about 1 inch from may to August 1st. We had a rain then and nothing till this last week. Going to try to reseed as I’m sure nothing that we planted will come up.
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    deer scents/attractants?

    I’ve never had luck with scents. Rattling and calling is the only things I’ve had luck with.
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    Recommendations on a new sleeping pad.

    I have an exped ul9 LW I believe. Very comfortable but a bit heavier than most. I’m 5’10” and 220 and it’s very comfortable. I also have a BA Qcore and upgraded to the exped. Not sure if that helps or not.
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    Ground blinds without Velcro?

    As the title suggests. I’m looking for blind options without Velcro, something like silent slide windows. I’m also not looking to spend an arm and a leg. Does anyone make something with this sort of criteria!
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    Archery Range Finder

    I bought the kilo 1600 bdx last year for archery and love it. It’s overkill for archery but I went with that over the vortex at the time because I plan to pair it with a bdx scope at some point soon.
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    Iron Will - Pick 2 Giveaway!

    I’ve got a set of the wide 100 to try this year so I would go for the solid 100 and the hunting knife.
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    Bow shopping

    I was having trouble getting to the classifieds on AT as well. Once I logged in it came up to go to it but it wasn’t there before that.
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    Sitka sizing

    I’m 5’10” and 220lbs with broad shoulders. I had to go XL in jackets so I draw my bow because a large was to tight. If you have a dealer close by I would suggest going and trying stuff on. That way you can layer is needed.