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  1. Ramblr

    Sold Original Kuiu Bino Harness in Solid

    Looking for an original Kuiu Bino Harness size Large in a solid color. PM if you have one sitting in your closet.
  2. Ramblr

    WTS Stone Glacier Kiowa 3200

    I sent a PM on 8/30 and never got a response. Hope everything is OK on the seller's end.
  3. Ramblr

    Best Puffy/Insulation?

    For down, take a look at the Montbell Superior Down Parka. Only $200 and very close in specs to the Kuiu Super Down Ultra. The Kenai would be my pick for synthetic. I have the vest and used it for a spring turkey hunt in Humboldt County last year and it was great. It is actually warmer than the...
  4. Ramblr

    KUIU Valo thoughts

    I think you're on the right track. Rain shell for sure if only for when the wind starts howling. Personally, I like Peloton 97 bottoms more than merino bottoms. If I need a second layer under my Attacks then it's cold enough that the 97s are the better option for me.
  5. Ramblr

    Vest wearers - if you only had one, what would it be?

    You asked about types: insulated, soft shell, or fleece. If I could have only one, I would go with an "active insulation" vest. (I have the Kuiu Kenai.) It's light to pack, I can wear it over baselayers and mid-layers when moving, and it is slim enough that is fits under a soft shell or puffy...
  6. Ramblr

    Kuiu NuYarn merino sucks

    I tried Kuiu 145 merino too and it's not for me. I love Kuiu for pants and Peloton, but I prefer FirstLite for merino.
  7. Ramblr

    Superfeet orange vs guide

    I just got a Red Wing insole that had it integrated to replace the SF Orange I had been using. You can get a small met pad that you can just add to your existing insole to try out.
  8. Ramblr

    Superfeet orange vs guide

    You might try a metatarsal pad attached to your current insole first. I had that same kind of pain in my work boots and thought I needed more cushioned insole. The salesperson at the Red Wing store had me try an insole with a metatarsal pad and the pain in the ball of my foot never returned.
  9. Ramblr

    Budget Backpacking Tent

    Craigslist is your friend for tents. I got my Big Agnes Fly Creek UL for $180 bucks.
  10. Ramblr

    Backpacking Gear For Backpacking/Hunting/Camping

    Also check out Lot's of good articles over there. Going light makes the backcountry so much more enjoyable.
  11. Ramblr

    Versatile mid/outer layer for 40-60 degrees?

    Have you tried a vest? I used my Kuiu birthday discount to pick up a Kenai vest that I'm trying out next week on my turkey hunt. The Peloton 240 vest might be worth trying too since you are layering it under FL leaf top.
  12. Ramblr

    MR Pop up 18 for Saddle hunting?

    Anyone interested in the 18 should call the Scheel's in Johnstown, CO. They had one marked down on their display rack when I was in there yesterday.
  13. Ramblr

    Water purification

    What are your water sources? All I use in Colorado is Aquamira drops after filtering through a bandana or buff.
  14. Ramblr

    Stone glacier sizing.

    I'm 5'11", 200lbs, with a 34" waist and 43" chest. The de havilland jacket in large did not fit will at all. The arm openings were way too high and tight. As bad as it fit, the M5/M7 and Grumman all fit great in a large. The de havilland pants in medium were way too tight in the hips and leg...
  15. Ramblr


    My favorite for AIWB is Tenicor. The molding they do on the back for the holster really makes it comfortable against your body. My favorite hybrid for 4 o'clock is the Black Arch Protos. It is comfortable and breathable. Plus, they mold the kydex to wrap the trigger guard for positive retention.
  16. Ramblr

    Kuiu Sizing

    👆This. Kuiu is true to their size guide but their sizes may not quite align with something else you are used to wearing. Also, size and fit are different things. Their fit is going to be more trim than most others in my experience. I expect the real reason some people size up is just to get a...
  17. Ramblr

    First Lite Klamath or Sawtooth?

    I would disagree with other posts that it runs large. I have a 44" chest and 34" waist so their sizing chart put me in a Large and it fits great.
  18. Ramblr

    Sold First Lite - Catalyst and Solitude sets - L

    PM'd about the Solitude set.
  19. Ramblr

    I'll take the Solitude set if it's available.

    I'll take the Solitude set if it's available.