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  1. Ron.C

    2022 Bird Season(s) Pics

    first waterfowl hunt of the year. Still/blue bird afternoon but managed to get a limit of Mallard and Widgeon
  2. Ron.C

    Fire Smoke

    Last bull I shot was 2 years ago. It was hot, and so smoky my eyes were irritated and I could taste the smoke with every breath. Glassing was impossible. I screwed around in the morning of day one feeling pretty down about the situation. At lunch I contemplated packing up and heading a couple...
  3. Ron.C

    Solo Setup Tips?

    I've used a decoy with success solo hunting and I can say at times, it has gotten the elks attention away from me and got them in a nice shot position. Was key at putting elk meat in my freezer on a couple occassions. It's an older renzo's cow decoy. They come with small plastic keepers to set...
  4. Ron.C

    Tent camping in bear country

    Use the same precautions in griz country you would in Black bear country. Like stated above, keep food away from your tent, store food where it is not easily accessible for bears. If possible, avoid setting up in spots where someone else recently vacated (you have no idea what they did that...
  5. Ron.C

    Rain and elk

    Ive also had good success in years when we had rain. Never always killed and elk but my log shows more encounters on hunts when we've had some rain. Since I dont normally hunt elk near home, cant afford to waste any days so rain will not keep me in camp. I suspect maybe the rain has something...
  6. Ron.C

    Med Kit

    FWIW a parametic aquaintence of mine said every hunter over 40 who engages in remote activity should be carrying a couple 81mg asa aspirin in case of suspected heart attack (he speaks from experience). My kit is very basic and compact: 2x 81mg asa aspirine,pain meds(old knees) /pepto pills/anti...
  7. Ron.C

    Do you guys carry bear spray in Black Bear country?

    yes, I do. I carry it in and out of hunting season. Been doing it for so long, don't even notice it on my pack belt. Been stalked by a couple black bears and cats here on Vancouver Island. Never had to spray a bear yet but I can tell you from experience, mountain lions don't appreaciate a face...
  8. Ron.C

    Elk hunting hypothetical

    D. Other 90 plus degrees. My focus would be on the meat. Carry your bow out when it's most convenient (probably with the lightest meat load). Stash the bow wherever you think it's best.
  9. Ron.C

    Breakfast in the backcountry

    insant oatmeal, a cliffbar and a coffee for me.
  10. Ron.C

    Gaiters Do you use them all the time?

    Like any clothing item I own, I wear my gaiters when the situation/conditions merit wearing them. I treat them like rain gear, they are only on when they need to be.
  11. Ron.C

    Elk cartridge decision?

    both will kill elk. Take whichever you have the most confidence in
  12. Ron.C

    insoles for Hanwags

    Totally depends on your foot and the boot its in. I have Hanwag Alaskans and Trapper Tops. I find I can get away with a thicker footbed in the trapper tops.
  13. Ron.C

    Do you carry another tag also?

    To each his own. Do what you think is best for you. Your Hunt, Your expectations, your memories. You want to take a bear given the opportunity, do it. You want to spend every second trying to get an elk even it it means going home without cutting any tags, that's fine too
  14. Ron.C

    Wall tent durability?

    OP, for your use, a wall tent/wood stove would be perfect. Unlike many shelters, wall tents can be left set up unattended for quite some time as they can handle a good amount of snow. You probably be want at least a 12x16 for the numbers you posted. Make sure you have somewhere to completely...
  15. Ron.C

    Wool shirt recommendation

    another vote for the o'l Stansfield here. Have a few of them. Wear them duck, deer hunting, elk and bear hunting. Probably not going to be popular with the ultra light crew, or win any beauty contests but it's one aweome, tough, versatile clothing item.
  16. Ron.C

    Coolers for elk?

    I use 2 of the big coleman marine coolers. I make 10L blocks of ice and fill one to the lid. Then keep this cooler closed, out of the sun with a sleeping bag over it. Ice lasts quite a while like this. When I get an animal, ice gets split between the 2 coolers and put in contractor bags to...
  17. Ron.C

    Hot September hunts

    I do the same. Exposes more surface to promote cooling of those big muscle groups
  18. Ron.C

    7mm-08 all around hunting load

    This has been my hunting load for the past 8 years. I shoot 140g TTSX 41G IMR 4064, Lapua Brass CCI BR2 primers. Used this load on blacktail, whitetail, mule deer, black bear and elk at ranges from 12ish feet to 275 yards. Not the fastest load by any means (mv around 2740 fps) and not a long...
  19. Ron.C

    Solo Calling Strategies

    A Bristish Columbia hunter here so not sure if any of this would apply where you are hunting, but I do most of my elk hunting solo. I'm not in any way an authority on calling or an elk expert but have done ok. Be flexible. If it isn't working for you, try something else. I do bugle but...
  20. Ron.C

    Elk Bullet - California

    I shoot 140gr TTSX's from my 7mm-08 for everything. Good results on elk, deer and bears at ranges from 12 feet to 275 yards. Just keep shots to reasonable ranges where your velocity will not dip to far below 2000ish fps and you will be fine.