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    DIY individual MTN OPs packets

    100 Pcs Coffee Food Storage Heat Sealable 3.34mil Mylar Pure Foil Bag Vacuum Pouch for Sampling Packaging Aluminum Foil Smell Proof Package (1.57x5.51 inches) these are what i use, (search on amazon)works for all sorts of stuff. i just heat seal them with the kids hair strightner,
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    Sell me on a Kifaru pack

    Now that is customer service!!! Is it possible to get a invoice with a “custom” price on it? If so i will be getting ahold of you asap!
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    That sir, would be amazing!!! Thank you for the offer, this weekend is doubtful, but either of...

    That sir, would be amazing!!! Thank you for the offer, this weekend is doubtful, but either of the next two would work for me. Will that work out for you?
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    Who has the best frame?

    Thank you all for the advice and experience you have to offer. About the super heavy loads.... I don’t PLAN on continuing to do this, my body just can’t do it like it used to, but, in the event that i do go ego over brains i just want to have something that can handle my poor choices. I am not...
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    Who has the best frame?

    The more and more i read the more and more i keep coming back to MR and Exo. Both seem to be more than capable of meeting my needs, and it looks like it is going to come down to what is going to fit me best and which company offers the best support for their products. I have not come across one...
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    Who has the best frame?

    I would guess i have a curved back shape? I am pretty thick through the chest, shoulders and back. Torso is 19-20, measured myself so not exact. I am 5’10” and 215-220. I tried Mystery Ranch packs on at a place in the big city, i was a large belt and large yoke, not sure if that is helpful or...
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    Who has the best frame?

    I know the “what——— is best” threads get tiresome and are totally subjective, and even though their are tons of reviews on basically every pack ever made, i kinda take sponsered reviews with a grain of salt. Also few to none actually seem to talk much about the frame, and that, for me is...
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    Who has the best frame?

    Currently i am looking at exo and Mystery Ranch frames. Once i get most of my gear figured out i will sort out the bag situation. But right now what i want to know, from those of you who use the systems, who makes the most durable, comfortable frame. I will be using it as a training pack, 3-5...
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    Oregon FNG

    The Dalles Where are the rest of the Oregon guys from?
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    Oregon FNG

    The Dalles
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    What to pack for first hunt

    Where in ne oregon are you heading? One of the big 3? If you’re more specific i can offer more targeted conditions you may see.
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    Broadhead for elk

    I have been shooting the solid s30v heads for several years now. From my personal experience, they are worth every penny. Those heads coupled with victory vap v3 shafts, 95grn ss outserts. My arrows finish at about 475 grains. I have had zero issues with penetration even when i made a poor...
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    Oregon FNG

    Been lurking here for a while, decided it was tome to quit looking through the window and introduce myself. I’ve been hunting, fishing, and enjoying the Oregon outdoors my entire life. I joined this group in search of gear knowledge in my attempts to expand my opportunities for hunting and...
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    Six Fletch Arrows? Are You Crazy? - An article by Jimmy Tippetts

    How will the six fletch work with a rip cord rest? Are their clearance issues?