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  1. shoeshineman

    WTS Wengerd Ibex 62" 48#@28" recurve

    Year = 2021 18" riser G10 and Zebrawood $1000 tyd (you cover paypal fees)
  2. shoeshineman

    Sold Swarovski SLC 8x42 HD (WB)

    Swarovski SLC 8x42 HD (WB) $1300 & free shipping (you pay PayPal fee) PRICE DROP!!! $1200 & free shipping (you pay PayPal fee) One owner and never registered the warranty! I consider them to be "like-new" condition
  3. shoeshineman

    Kifaru Ice fishing jacket!

    Im thinking about a Lost Park Parka to add to my ice fishing fashion wardrobe! I already have the Striker Ice jacket/bibs but think LPP could be awesome in the mix Experience sitting on ice with LPP? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. shoeshineman

    Trad Vane ass whoopin

    Im trying to put 3” trad vanes on with a right helical Bitz clamp. I ground down the nose of the clamp for clearance but still seems impossible to get all surfaces of the trad vane to contact the shaft simultaneously. An edge somewhere is always not touching. Im thinking the helical of the clamp...
  5. shoeshineman

    WTB Easton Axis 500

    Im in the market for some Axis 500 5mm. Anyone have any used ones (27.5" or longer) laying around they would like to sell?
  6. shoeshineman

    Scammer using my name

    I just learned someone is texting people about classified sales and claiming that his name is "shoeshineman" here on Rokslide. His area code starts with "(213)". This is not me. My area code starts with "(682)".
  7. shoeshineman

    WTB NL Pure 8x42

    I'm looking to buy. Send me a PM!
  8. shoeshineman

    WTB SLC 8x42

    I'm looking for an slc 8x42. Please send me a PM!
  9. shoeshineman

    Promaster 525 weight loss question

    Im putting my GD525CK on a weight loss program and having an issue. How are you guys eliminating the center post? Are you buying some sort of special plate/fitting for the “threaded head screw”? Ive read of people removing the center post, but cant figure it out. Thanks Sent from my iPhone...
  10. shoeshineman

    WTS/WTT Swarovski 8x30 cl b

    Swarovski 8x30 cl b $900 $850 $825 $800 (buyer covers paypal fees, I cover shipping)---- or possible trade. I'm looking for a 64"-66" recurve in the 45# +/- weight. Longbows too. What do you have?
  11. shoeshineman

    WTS Zeiss Hensoldt DF 8x30 ($150)

    Zeiss Hensoldt DF 8x30 Dienstglas Classic $150 & free shipping (buyer pays paypal fee)
  12. shoeshineman

    Sold Swarovski 8x30 cl b

    Swarovski 8x30 cl b includes 2 sets of harness attachment points (Field Pro -style & traditional style) The glass and lenses are in fantastic like-new condition! $900 w/ free shipping (buyer pays paypal fee)
  13. shoeshineman

    tripod mount for x30 binos???

    Does anyone know of a clean way to mount x30 binos on a tripod, specifically swaro 8x30 cl b? The Outdoorsmans Bino Hand is too big, RRS just emailed me and said the Cinch is too big. I really don't care for those rubber band type things. Is this a hole in the market? Have I found a new...
  14. shoeshineman

    Colorado Archery 76 2022

    Hi! I'm looking at 76 for archery deer this year. I'm curious if anyone would be willing to give me general info about it. Please send a PM. I'm familiar with Colorado units 62, 53, and 66. Thanks!
  15. shoeshineman

    Sold Sig Kilo 1800BDX 6x22 ballistic rangefinder

    Sig Sauer Kilo1800BDX 6x22 Rangefinder $200 (you cover paypal, ill pay shipping) Features -BDX™ Ballistic Data Xchange capable, providing your BDX riflescope with...
  16. shoeshineman

    Sold Swarovski CTC 30x75 fixed eyepiece spotter

    Swarovski CTC 30x75 spotter Very like-new condition. I bought it new and used in the backyard a couple of times to look at birds. Its never been brought into the field. Fantastic condition. I bought it after reading Robby Denning's recommendation of it in his book...
  17. shoeshineman

    Sold Hilleberg Akto w/footprint

    Hilleberg Akto Green Footprint included $450 $400 (you pay paypal fee, I pay shipping)
  18. shoeshineman

    Sold Black Widow PMA X: 60" 47# @28" recurve

    Black Widow PMA X (Bacote): 60" 47# at 28" $800 tyd
  19. shoeshineman

    WTS Sig Sauer BDX1800 Rangefinder

    Used. $230 tyd (+3% paypal or f&f)
  20. shoeshineman

    WTS Bob Lee Hardcore Stabilock 49# at 28"

    60" AMO $900 + paypal String included I'll listen to trades and offers This is $1700 new with the Stabilock