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    First sheep hunt in two weeks, what to expect and pack? Advice appreciated!

    I leave for Mexico for my Carmen Island Desert Bighorn hunt in two weeks and frankly am nervous as hell yet excited too. what advice can you all give me for a desert sheep hunt or maybe a piece of gear that I wouldn't have thought to bring with that comes in handy? Main outfit is the Kuiu gila...
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    Success in new Mexico at 550 yards

    You all weren't kidding when I was told to expect long distance and zero cover for Pronghorn! Shot my first ever antelope and christened my new rifle in the process, Unit 32, 550 yards, Hornady Precision hunter 212 .300 PRC. Next up is Carmen Island Bighorn Sheep this November!
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    Hey there everybody from KY, travelling big game nut here!

    Hey there everybody, just registered and this is my first post, writing this as I'm about to leave on a road trip to New Mexico for pronghorn season, been hunting all my life though and have been blessed enough to go to some truly great places and I still have a few More to go before I'm done...