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    Christensen or Fierce?

    Cleared- thank u!
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    Christensen or Fierce?

    I have an NXS already and absolutely love it... The thing is bomb proof! So no brainer to stick with what I already know and love.
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    Christensen or Fierce?

    Okay I think I will order a Fierce... I am really thinking about just pulling the trigger on one of their already set up and dialed in guns with an NXS...
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    Christensen or Fierce?

    Never owned a Fierce. But I read great things and think I should consider one seeing as they are not that much more than a Christensen. I included Christensen because I have had great luck with them... Have also considered Gunwerks but thats a good bit more $$$. I am sure they are fabulous but...
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    28 Nosler glass

    Based on my experience it would be very hard for me to buy anything but NF or Zeiss... My guns get used regularly which means banged around a good bit. We use them on back pack hunts, horseback hunts and lots and lots of miles in a UTV... I have never had to re-zero a NF (NXS's). Every time I...
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    Christensen or Fierce?

    I am getting ready to buy a new rifle in 300RUM and wanted to get some opinions on these two brands. I have two Christensen rifles (270WSM and 308) and have been happy with them. However, I read very good things about Fierce and am considering picking one up. Without getting into caliber...
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    What to buy...

    So I am looking for a new elk rifle... I am thinking a 300 Win or WSM. I am open to other calibers but think either of these would be more than sufficient. I will mount a new NF 5x25x56 on it. I just love that scope... But what rifle? I have a couple Christensen rifles which I am fond of and was...
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    Just when i thought I was done...

    Some people would complain about being hung with a new rope... This post has nothing to do with an inept hunter and is all about neighbors trying to celebrate another’s good fortune. You clearly are a glass half empty guy. Good luck with that.
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    Last Minute Idaho Bear Hunt

    Thanks! We hunt AZ black bear- headed to Idaho tomorrow for mule deer and elk and just thought it would be fun to get after a bear while I was there if I could figure something out. Looking forward to seeing some good animals!
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    Swarovski or Vortex

    Where I think Vortex has exceeded peoples expectation is in their warranty department. It is awesome! The Vortex product also has a lot of bang for the buck IMO. I am sure the others are all very good too but in those two areas Vortex has done a very good job!
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    Avery/Denning Mule Deer 🦌 Hunt-Live!

    I thought maybe it was something other than a phone scope based on the distance. Pretty good film for a Handycam- congrats on the buck!
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    Avery/Denning Mule Deer 🦌 Hunt-Live!

    Share with us what equipment/glass you used to take this video? Headed to Idaho next week and I am starting to get things planned as far as glass...
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    Swaro EL's binocular stud

    Call Outdoorsman and see if they will just send you the stud and you can do the install... or better yet maybe they would like to have a Canadian rep who could do the work in Canada for them.... other option is to call the fabricator direct. Good people!
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    Swaro EL's binocular stud

    Been to the shop that makes and installs them- it’s beautiful- Running 13 Haas machines. Unless you are thinking of selling them send your binos in. It’s a 3-5 minute install for them... IMO no way it’s worth doing yourself even if you own the equipment.
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    Swarovski or Vortex

    I have both in a 10x42. (Swaro 10x42 EL Range and Vortex 10x42 Viper) Gave the Vortex to my 14 year old son. The Vortex are fine but not even close to the Swaro. Where you really notice is after prolonged glassing. Very easy to sit behind the Swaro all day. Not the case with Vortex- at all. For...
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    New hunting knife recommendations

    For fixed blade and backpacking take a look at Tato Knives.
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    Cold feet mountain hunting: 200-400g insulation?

    I find that the only time I have an issue is if my Kennetreks are not warm when I first put them on- if my boots are cold when they go on it’s a tough mourning to glass unless I have a good climb to my first sit. So- I now find a few stones when setting up Camp that I can get warm on the...
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    Avery/Denning Mule Deer 🦌 Hunt-Live!

    Will be hunting mule deer in Idaho a week from right now- I am sitting in the airport in Dallas as I read this. You got my blood pumping!
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    Anyone run their pad inside their bag?

    I just use some things in my pack- boots, jacket, the pack itself along both sides of my pad and it seems to keep me on top... Not perfect but it helped...
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    We need to educate and get out in front of this stuff!

    Just read this- Trophy hunter who shot rare snow leopard prompts fury with photo of killed big cat I think our sport/lifestyle... needs to consider ways of getting out in front of these sort of reports. I find it highly unlikely anyone would pose for photos if what they had done was in any way...