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  1. hunterjmj

    Recent Cameraland experience

    Ordered several items from cameraland and never got an email with tracking. Never really thought much of it. Probably a good thing otherwise I'd spend all my time looking for updates. 2nd day air doesn't prevent tiny little dents in boxes either. Will be putting in another order from them in the...
  2. hunterjmj

    2023 Official Western Hunting Expo thread

    I'll look for a zombie wearing a Santa Claus hat. Should be easy to pick you out. 😆
  3. hunterjmj

    2023 Official Western Hunting Expo thread

    The family and I will be there again. Great show, great mall and food court for the wife and kids. It's a great mini vacation in winter. Robby's seminars are always great as well. Is Robby doing another this year? Also, how do I get the discount code for tickets? Can't seem to find them.
  4. hunterjmj

    Benz's 2022 Montana Elk Adventure II (detailed)

    Great story and nice bull!
  5. hunterjmj

    Christmas gift for the wife

    I always take my wife on a weekend getaway somewhere here in Montana. That is what she always asks for and it's fun for all.
  6. hunterjmj

    Kimber Hunter opinions

    Bought my wife a Kimber hunter 84M in 6.5 cm 2 years ago and she shoots it well out to 300 yards. She doesn't want to shoot further so beyond that I don't know. She loves it, it shoots lights out to 300 and it's light. I put a leupold 3-9x40 with Talley rings and a spartan gunsmith adapter for...
  7. hunterjmj

    New glassing set up

    I'm going 3 years with a sirui with a va5 head. Can't remember the model # of the tripod but I wouldn't change it. It's light, easy to set up and collapses small. I went from a 20 year old Manfrotto that served me well for a long time but was heavy and loud. FYI: I bought through cameralandny...
  8. hunterjmj

    What happened to Vortex?

    Sent a rifle scope in that the turret quit turning. This was during a hunt. Have several friends with vortex binos where the bridge got floppy. If they work for you that's great but I wouldn't trust their stuff especially a rifle scope. My wife won a viper spotting scope last year but it just...
  9. hunterjmj

    Meopta Bino Lineup?

    I'll buy them from you again just looking for in the field experience from guys using them.
  10. hunterjmj

    What happened to Vortex?

    Bought a vortex hst years ago and the turret bound up during a hunt. Sent them in to get fixed then sold them. I won't ever own vortex again. That being said my young kids each have cheap model vortex binos because the are 5 and 7 and I'm not going to buy them nice glass yet.
  11. hunterjmj

    Meopta Bino Lineup?

    Did a search without much luck. I currently run Meopta meostar 10x42's and 15x56's. My 5 and 7 year olds run Vortex Vanquish 8x32's because they are 5 & 7. My wife doesn't have binoculars. I'll probably stick with Meopta in an 8 power but looking at Doug's site they have more choices than I...
  12. hunterjmj

    Walk Tent Doors

    After 32 years of use the Zipper on my wall tent failed. The timing sucked because we had negative temps and high winds. We did a caveman stitch with paracord and made it work but now I'm going to have to fix it. I've been thinking of ways to install a 30" thin plywood door that the frame...
  13. hunterjmj

    And another stolen elk skull

    I don't really know but what I saw all had a bit of pedicle still attached. I've never sold antlers so I've never paid much attention. Next time I see a buyer I'll check it out. It seems if you were paying thousands for a chandelier you'd want the bases intact.
  14. hunterjmj

    Favorite post-pack out beer

    Two of those puts me down for the night.
  15. hunterjmj

    Ditty Bags

    I've been using sea to summit ultralight dry bags. I have several colors to keep things easy to find. Red is first aid, blue food, green is kill kit, etc.
  16. hunterjmj

    Cabelas meat grinders

    The small 400watt grinders are soooo loud. I had a small Westin for years and I had to wear ear plugs. I have a .75 MEAT now, it's fast, quiet and heavy duty.
  17. hunterjmj

    Favorite post-pack out beer

    Ice cold PBR! They are always on hand.
  18. hunterjmj

    What did you get on Black Friday?

    Bought some Muck arctic sports on Amazon. Paid $135. Not really sure if that's a deal or not but I needed them.
  19. hunterjmj

    And another stolen elk skull

    I was at a gas station a while back and an antler buyer was next to me fueling up so I had to take a look at all the antlers. No sheds, all sawed off from the skull. Makes you wonder how many are legit.
  20. hunterjmj

    Too much power?

    That was interesting. Definitely abuse of power. Seems to be plenty of legitimate law breakers to go after instead of wasting time with stuff like that.