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    WTB Knight tk2000

    Looking to buy a knight tk2000 muzzleloading shotgun. Thanks
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    WTB Encore 209x12 gauge barrel

    Looking to buy a 209x12 gauge barrel for tc encore, please let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks
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    Danner snake boots?

    Anyone have any experience with Danner snake boots? I’ve got a 50% off Danner coupon, figured it’s not a bad idea to get some snake boots for turkey hunting.
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    AR trigger advice

    What’s everyone’s favorite AR trigger? Finishing up putting one together, just can’t decide what trigger to go with. Right now it’s looking like geissele or triggertech, but open to all suggestions. Thanks in advance.
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    Anybody working on a slam?

    Just curious if anyone here has a U.S. or grand slam as a goal. I was planning some out of state turkey trips before the Rona hit, no other reason than just getting more hunting time. Already brainstorming for next year and thinking about chasing Rios and merriams instead of easterns in...
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    .22 LR recommendation

    I got an itch for a new squirrel rifle and am open to suggestions. Right now I’m between tikka t1x and cz457. My 17 HMR is a cz452 and I like it, but I’m really interested in the tikka. If anyone has experience with either, or a different rifle I oughta be lookin at I’d appreciate it. Thanks
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    2nd CO rifle suggestions-vest?

    A buddy and I will be hunting CO 2nd rifle this year. I need some advice, I’ve got first lite aerowool long sleeve and the mid weight hoodie and was wondering if anybody uses a vest or lighter jacket. I’ll have a puffy and rain gear, but I do like wearing a vest hunting and working here in IL. I...
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    Another first western hunt optics/tripod question

    I’ll be hunting Colorado 2nd rifle for my first western hunt in October. I’m going to be upgrading my binoculars and keep going back and forth between 8x or 10x. I want to go with 8x as they would be better for the all the hunting I do in Illinois, but don’t want to handicap myself on the trip...
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    WTS Cabelas stand hunter parka

    I have a cabelas stand hunter parka in XL that is basically NWOT. $150 tyd.
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    WTS/WTT Leupold vx3 1.5-5

    Looking to sell/trade a Leupold vx3 1.5-5. Interested in trade for binos, GPS, or sleeping bag. Feel free to make an offer, I might be interested. Would also sell for $315 TYD.
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    Non-mummy bag help

    A buddy and I drew 2nd season CO deer tags and I am looking at sleeping bags/quilts. I went to REI to test fit some bags and everything they had was real tight in the shoulders and chest. I am looking for suggestions on other bags to check out for folks with wide shoulders. Also kicking around...
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    Rifle advice

    Being from the Midwest, I’ve never had a need for a centerfire for my hunting. I picked up a .280 M77(to good of a deal to pass up), but ammo is fairly expensive and very hard to find. I’ve bought the only two boxes I’ve found. I’m thinking I need to buy another rifle with more...