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  1. PvilleMac

    Can anyone tell me what back pack this is?

    Im not sure what model yours is but I was running a samsonite for a long time. Probably around $15.
  2. PvilleMac

    first lite disappointing service

    This is when you say, “okay nevermind, i just want to return this”. Then you get the free return shipping, then just order what you wanted on a totally separate transaction….if you still want to do business with them
  3. PvilleMac

    2022 California Bear

    Monrovia, so not LA proper but its LA to me, haha
  4. PvilleMac

    2022 California Bear

    Im sure she’d appreciate it, her neighbors might not though.
  5. PvilleMac

    2022 California Bear

    My aunt lives in LA and has seen bears on her back porch multiple times. They are everywhere.
  6. PvilleMac

    2022 California Bear

    This is my first year going for bear and I’m stoked. I live in the D zones but have a B zone deer tag this year so Ill be looking for them all over. Im very thankful the fires haven't been horrible this year….yet
  7. PvilleMac

    I got the $, but I'll probably never buy a DCF shelter

    I had never heard of this Skurka feller until this slide but he’s a complete madman
  8. PvilleMac

    If you could pick one sponsor...

    Definitely Extenze
  9. PvilleMac

    Triple Vortex Rangefinders: Viper vs Diamondback vs Crossfire

    I hope youre still doing this. Id like to know how drastic you think the difference/quality is between the viper and crossfire. Is it worth the extra $300-$400 for someone who is mainly trying to range archery distances?
  10. PvilleMac

    CA Draw Results

    I didn’t draw anything real special, but I will be hunting the B zones for the first time this year so thats kind of cool. Hopefully Ill get myself my first legit blacktail.
  11. PvilleMac

    Master Cigar thread

    I smoke a couple times a week and buy mostly from online shops. 90% of what I smoke is from Tatuaje, Foundation, and Dunbarton. I enjoy broadleaf, habanos, cameroons, and sprinkle in some shades and san andreas smokes from time to time. If you like broadleaf, i recently had one by Sinistro...
  12. PvilleMac

    What's in your Turkey Pack?

    Slate call, box call, couple mouth calls, and a crow call. I think theres some chalk in there also; for the box. Gloves, facemask, couple extra shells, and some water. A cushion is necessary. If im close to the truck, I have a bougie little folding chair that sits real low. Edit: in spring I...
  13. PvilleMac

    AKEK Pack - Arguably The Best New Pack Around - What's Your Thoughts?

    Fill it up, throw it off some cliffs, rub it against rocks and logs, maybe hit it with a car. But you came to rokslide, so Im sure you know the standards, haha. I wish you the best of luck.
  14. PvilleMac

    Hot Tent with Built in Nest

    Hey sliders, Im looking into getting a tent that can accommodate a stove. I was pretty much committed to a seek cimarron and was going to get a half nest with it, but then I started thinking that Im never going to not want the half nest. I got in touch with them and they said they cant do a...
  15. PvilleMac

    What hunt doesn’t interest you?

    I have no interest in muskox. It just doesnt seem like a fun hunt to me. Im open to anyone telling me why Im wrong though.
  16. PvilleMac

    What “luxury” items do you carry on your back?

    I bring camp shoes and a pillow. Neither are horrible weight penalties, but both are pretty decent space penalties.
  17. PvilleMac

    Creepy experiences in the backcountry

    This is not my story, and it did not happen while hunting, but it is without a doubt the creepiest thing I’ve ever heard of happening in the backcountry. And even though it isn’t my story, I fully believe the person who told it to me. My friend’s mom is a big backpacker. In the 80’s she hiked...
  18. PvilleMac

    Won the lottery.

    That’s awesome man. Definitely bring the spotter! That’s a once in a lifetime hunt, Id want to see it all.
  19. PvilleMac

    Should I buy a spotter or upgrade my binos?

    I was recently in this same boat. I went with a spotter. I realized there was nothing wrong with the binos I already had. A spotter is really nice at the range too. You dont have to walk up to your target to see where your rounds are landing.