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    Anyone have experience with "ALLPREDATORCALLS.COM" Refurb product?

    Thanks everyone for the replies and info! I appreciate everyones input! I was checking on yesterday and saw this smokin' deal on the "X2S"! So I picked one up! $499.95 1 × FOXPRO FACTORY REFURBISHED X2S Kryptek Camo Digital Game Call With TX1000...
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    Anyone have experience with "ALLPREDATORCALLS.COM" Refurb product?

    I have been hunting on and off for the last 13 years, live in the mountains of Arizona, have always had a passion for coyote and predator hunting. Since it's only been on and off, I really have only used the "Hunters Specialties Johnny Stewart Predator Call". Has only five sounds on it...
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    FoxPro "Shockwave" Electronic Game Call = Question

    Thank you! I've been gathering opinions from as many sources as I can, currently I have a "Hunters Specialties Johnny Stewart" Call that I received about 11 years ago. Only has 5 sounds on it, and the range is very short. I've been watching all these guys getting out and coyote hunting on...
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    FoxPro "Shockwave" Electronic Game Call = Question

    Thanks for this, I am looking into either a "Shockwave" or an "X2S", How do you like the "Shockwave"?
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    My boys first pasture poodle.

    Awesome job! Congratulations! My boys are just getting to the age where they can start heading out with me, I guess they've been of age, but now they are actually wanting to go. Made a few stands on Thanksgiving weekend this year, now their hooked, asking just about every weekend, I'm going to...
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    AR build for coyotes?

    I've been using a .223 Remington Predator for years, shoots very accurately. I recently decided to build my own AR-Pistol for a Truck Gun, but also would love to smoke some coyotes with it. I ended up doing a Palmetto State Armory build. Grabbed a "blemished" lower, I think only issue was a...
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    FOXPRO Shockwave and Fire Eye review

    This is great, know it's a little dated, anyone had any chance to compare the Shockwave to the newer X-Series calls? I'm contemplating between an "XS2" vs a "Shockwave" Thoughts?
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    It's been a minute since this thread was hit, but anyone have opinions on the X2S vs the Shockwave? The x-series has been out for a bit now, and I have seen a lot of videos of the x-wave and the x-series stuff in use, but really no-one with a review on which to drop on?
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    I cant stop killing rockchucks

    Thanks for this! Very much enjoyed watching these videos!
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    Foxpro X24

    Did you make a purchase on this one? If so how is it going? I have been looking for an upgrade, been contemplating between the Shockwave or the X2S, I've seen some things with the X24 and the 24 sound bit quality? Are there significant differences? Anyone have input on this?
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    Start of the fur season

    Awesome job!
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    Electronic callers

    Thanks for sharing Bob! How has your calling been going with the new Fusion? I also live in the Payson AZ area, been looking into upgrading my e-caller to start getting out hunting coyotes again with my two boys and my nephew. Made a couple of stands around Thanksgiving this year north of...
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    E-Call for a beginner

    I have been on and off Predator Hunting for about 10 years, really never got serious with it, I picked up a real cheap Hunters Specialties Johnny Stewart Call years ago with five sounds, (cottontail, coyote howl, coyote pups, fawn, jackrabbit). Years ago, using cottontail call, I successfully...