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    Backup bow thoughts

    What good is it too loose 50% on a backup bow that was made custom for you when you sell? I know of people where a bow fell a few 100ft down into a canyon. Pretty much unretrievable at that time. A backup bow is always right. Was the heartland bow tested for a cut string? Single bolt systems...
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    Women's Warm Layer Recommendations

    Hypothermia is almost not possible if your body moisture is allowed to stay in vapor form and get away from your skin. Using heated garments normally does not enhance the bodies ability to heat itself. It does the opposite, especially if the heat is too high. Your body will then try to cool...
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    Where to put weight, broadhead vs insert

    Here is the thing. You tune your setup with the point weight that works. If you still lack arrow weight, take out your insert and glue a diameter matching rope to the back of the insert. If you use the first third of your arrow, it gives about 40 grain and better FOC. Because rope has no bending...
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    Why did you start hunting Trad?

    Never hunted with anything else. No need to follow the techno path if it worked for thousands of years.
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    Where to put weight, broadhead vs insert

    That's a 440 grain arrow total? Pretty lightweight for a hunting arrow.... One question, assuming you are right-handed, does your arrow slightly point to the left looking straight over it when it is nocked on the string?
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    Recurve Bow for Hunting Deer?

    Every available bow now is pretty much a decent hunting weapon if set up right. A Samick Sage can shoot as well as any high priced custom bow. Beginners just don't know how to tune a bow and are mostly unwilling to stick with it. In addition, they buy crap arrows and will yield the results of...
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    First year hunting with recurve advice

    Depending where you hunt, the ghillie suit may be a bad idea. If it is public land, I would not hunt from the ground as you may mess up a bunch of other hunters in treestands. A ghillie guy stalking through the woods into the range of other hunters in treesrands won't make you any friends. You...
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    Clothing - elk newbie

    Anything directly against your skin will condensate your sweat and anything holding moisture will give you chills. Especially if you go from high activity to stationary activity.
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    Thoughts on Bear Grizzly recurve?

    A factory bow for a 25" draw is not ideal. You need a bow that has a lot of pre-load and opens the recurves early enough to give you a benefit. The only way to figure that out before you buy is studying force draw curves. Generally faster tested bows will also do better for shorter draws, but...
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    Blackhorn 209 and non-sabot bullets not an ethical combination

    Ask your DNR biologist how they determine their allowable county quotas on deer. Their main management tool is firearms. It took Ohio only 2 years to have more deer killed with crossbows than with regular bows. How many more licenses did they sell? ( One of the arguments by the industry lobby)...
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    Wood Arrow spine questions

    Never buy point tapered shafts. Never buy shafts which are cut to length. You cut them to length while fine tuning the arrows. And a spine range is not good for all bows. Especially selfbows and longbows like tighter spine groups. Normal spine groups consist of 6 spine numbers with +-1#...
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    Western Muzzleloader Hunt Preparation

    That was loaded with real black,too.
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    Clothing - elk newbie

    Check out Wiggys liner vest, liner jacket, socks and fishnets, especially if you are active.
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    Women's Warm Layer Recommendations

    Wiggys liner jacket and liner vest, socks. Fishnet shirt and long underwear if it is cold enough. Secondary Wiggys layer if ever required. Unlikely in September. No gore-tex in jackets or boots unless swampy. Day one camoflage jacket cost custom as much as the imported brand name or any other...
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    Took the Hawken out

    Rested I assume?
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    Difficulty reloading?

    Sabotloaders patch can be too wet imho. Too wet a patch is not good for your follow up shot. The patch needs to be damp enough to get the fouling but not leave slosh at the bottom. Depending on outside temperature and barrel heat it takes different amount of wiping liquid. Another good dispenser...
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    Some friends asked us to meet them at Safari Club 2023 in Nashville, but??????

    These conventions are for people who live closeby or have too much $$$ to blow.
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    Difficulty reloading?

    Here is the question: how does your ML work? Powder charge and then a bore fitting jacket with a bullet in it. The plastic jacket expands from the pressure into the rifling and out it goes. Right behind a hot gas and powder residue cloud. The powder residue now is all over the barrel. The most...