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  1. hunterjmj

    Meopta Bino Lineup?

    Did a search without much luck. I currently run Meopta meostar 10x42's and 15x56's. My 5 and 7 year olds run Vortex Vanquish 8x32's because they are 5 & 7. My wife doesn't have binoculars. I'll probably stick with Meopta in an 8 power but looking at Doug's site they have more choices than I...
  2. hunterjmj

    Walk Tent Doors

    After 32 years of use the Zipper on my wall tent failed. The timing sucked because we had negative temps and high winds. We did a caveman stitch with paracord and made it work but now I'm going to have to fix it. I've been thinking of ways to install a 30" thin plywood door that the frame...
  3. hunterjmj

    Shop necessities? Would like your ideas.

    We just finished building a shop and will have the garage doors in this week. It's 1200sqft and 300 will be a separate room for reloading, gear, freezer, extra fridge, etc. The garage side will be 900 soft which will be for my wife's pickup, side side, storage and working on stuff. Would like to...
  4. hunterjmj

    Home Equity Loan

    Have some bigger projects to do around the place and just started looking into it. Would like input from personal experience with different companies?
  5. hunterjmj

    Long Crank 2009 Chevy

    Thought I'd throw this out there before I dig into it. My pickup just starting having a long frank before starting. Not always but about 50% of the time. It'll start but it cranks for a good bit before starting. 2009 Chevy Silverado 2500 6.0L gasser We're out of town so I'll dig into it when...
  6. hunterjmj

    Miniature big game shoulder mounts.

    I think I was in Northern bc and this bar had all these miniature plastic shoulder mounts hanging up behind the bar. They were Rainer, Pabst or Hamms beer logo on the plaque part of it. Does anyone know about these? Wouldn't mind having a few for my shop.
  7. hunterjmj

    Who's going to the Kifaru Grand Opening Party?

    Anyone going? Were going down to to Lander to make a mini vacation out of it. We've been busy building a house and shop so this will be our only trip this summer.
  8. hunterjmj


    I'm in need of primers like many of you so I check websites everyday and I'm on email lists where I can. I thought I'd jump over over on gunbroker to see what's available and I saw a 1000ct of CCI250 for $9,000. What the? I did see a case for $350 which is tempting but holy cow. I guess I'm not...
  9. hunterjmj

    Looking for a new bullet

    Been shooting the Berger 215 gr hybrid out of my 300wm for about 6 years now and I'm down to my last 100 with no positive outlook on getting them again. So, I'm on the search for a new bullet. I've looked at the Hammer Hunter in 196gr and the LRX in 200 gr. I'd like to stick with H1000 since I...
  10. hunterjmj

    Quest for Gear

    A recent post had me thinking about my quest for more, better, best gear. Does it ever end? I kind of feel like I'm pretty well geared up but something new comes out or something better shows up on the market and I sometimes I think I need/want it. To add to all this, my kids will start...
  11. hunterjmj


    Any word on when they'll start up normal operation and shipping packs? Not a big deal just curious. I ordered a Kutthroat a while back when they were on sale and looking forward to checking it out.
  12. hunterjmj

    Meopta 15x56 B1.1

    Any dealers/stores still selling the 15x56 B1.1? All I can find is the plus. Would like to pick a pair up for a deal if I could. I have the 10x42 B1.1 and they are awesome so I'd like to add the 15's to the mix.
  13. hunterjmj

    Hunt expo

    Does anyone know where I can get discounted tickets? The family is headed down next Wednesday and will be there until Sunday. Looking forward to the Denning presentation.
  14. hunterjmj

    Kifaru shipping

    Just ordered 2 small belt pouches and a gun bearer on Monday and it shipped on Wednesday. Thought maybe I was pushing it ordering so late for my fall hunts but I'll have them in a few days. Just an FYI for those thinking of ordering accessories from Kifaru.
  15. hunterjmj

    Credit Card got flagged at Brownells

    Ordered some rifle cleaning supplies for a new rifle last week from Sinclair(Brownells) and my card was declined. I called my card company to inform them that no fraud occurred and got the hold taken off. I then called Sinclair to make sure it got ordered and she said a lot of cards get declined...
  16. hunterjmj

    2020 Antelope

    Got my antelope back from the taxidermist. Great memories with the whole family! The kids had a great time and are already asking about going this year.
  17. hunterjmj

    8" VS 10" PROs/CONs?

    I'm sure this has been discussed. I've always run a 6" boot but was wondering your thoughts on an 8". I got the Hoffman 6" explorer 3 years ago and love this boot but wondering how the 8" would feel. I have a boot allowance coming up and I'll be buying another pair of Hoffman's. With the...
  18. hunterjmj

    Arizona Bighorn Sheep Society

    I got a flyer today from them for a pile of raffles. I'm just curious as to why it's prohibited for Washington residents to buy tickets? I don't live in Washington but it peaked my interest.
  19. hunterjmj

    Cedar Fence Stain/Sealer?

    What are people using that works well and doesn't need re-applied every year? I'd rather pay a little money for something that looks and works good.
  20. hunterjmj

    Kifaru Minikeg

    I've had my eye on the Minikeg for a while now and finally ordered it on April 1st. Pack was on my doorstep when I got home today. I've been running a Kifaru Longhunter for twenty years and it has served me well but it is overkill for what I do now and it weights 7+ pounds. The Minikeg looks to...

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