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  1. Jdoc

    Custom rifle stocks?

    So i have been to the far reaches of the internet looking for a ruger M77 tang safety mannlicher stock and have failed. Since i have not found one i have decided to go a different route and make one or have one made. Has anyone on here ever made their own carbon fiber stock before? Looking for...
  2. Jdoc

    Sold Nightforce 30mm rings

    Set of Nightforce 30mm rings, never used came with a scope i bought and i dont need them. $90 TYD paypal.
  3. Jdoc

    WTS Remington 700 sps 20 inch in .308

    Like the add says, remington 700 sps tactical in .308, 20 inch barrel, bells and carles stock with a few extras. Scope not included but can be if interested. $1000 total. Im in CA so willing to ship to any ffl from my ffl. Rifle is a shooter and clean. Send me a pm if you would like to talk.
  4. Jdoc

    WTS Morrison ILF longbow

    I have a morrison longbow for sale. Sale includes, Riser, limbs, string, choice of med or low grip, flipper rest, 12 gold tip .166 500 spine arrows. Bow is in excellent condition and shot very little. Riser is a 15in morrison in grey, limbs are morrison long, longbow limbs marked 37/28 on 19"...
  5. Jdoc

    WTS Morrison 17 riser

    I have a morrison 17in ILF riser for sale. Comes with 2 jegar grips, a med and low wrist. It has some signs of wear from use hunting but overall a great riser in good shape. Dm me for more picks or info please. $325 tyd paypal.
  6. Jdoc

    Sold Morrison phoenix with max 5 limbs, 50#

    17in Morrison phoenix ILF Riser in copper brown with a med and lower jager grip. Comes wit a set of Morrison max 5 med limbs that are 50#, a springy rest and string. Bow shoots great and looks great, i have hunted with this bow so it has some field wear. Limbs have a camo paint job on them...
  7. Jdoc

    WTS 17in Morrison phoenix ILF Riser

    Looking to sell a 17in Morrison phoenix ILF Riser in copper brown with a med and lower jager grip. I have had this riser in the field so its not perfect but is in great shape. Includes the riser, 2 grips and a springy rest. $400 shipped tyd. Let me know if you have any questions.
  8. Jdoc

    Sold Selway QD 6 arrow quiver

    Used, Selway dark brown QD 6 arrow quiver for sale. Good condition just does not fit my new limbs. $100 shipped tyd, paypal.
  9. Jdoc

    Sold Morrison Max 5 Med lims. 50#

    Have a set of Morrison Max 5, med length limbs marked 50 ponds. They have a camo paint job and limbsavers on them. These limbs are grat and have served me well i just dont shoot them anymore. Good condition and ready to ship, let me know if you have any questions. $475 shiped tyd, paypal.
  10. Jdoc

    Sold Hoyt Satori #45 limbs, long.

    I have a set of hoyt trad limbs 45# on a 19 in riser, longs, wood grain. like new and only shot about 50 arrows, $225 shipped, paypal please. Let me know if you have any questions.
  11. Jdoc

    WTS Morrison 17 with max 5 limbs.

    Looking to sell my morrison 17in phoenix with max 5 med limbs 50#. Whole package comes with riser, limbs, has a med height jeger grip and and extra low wrist grip, bcy string and a selway 6 arrow QD quiver. Limbs have a camo paint job on them, the riser is a few years old. Feel free to ask me...
  12. Jdoc

    Sold Bear paw .75 oz dyneema pyraten

    I have a bear paw .74 oz Dyneema PyraTen for sale. Only used 10 nights, great condition. Will sleep 2 people or lots of room for yourself, super light and packable at about 18oz overall. Comes with tent, guylines and center poll. Dm me if you are interested please. $400 shipped.
  13. Jdoc

    ILF Longbow Limbs

    What does everyone like or use for ilf longbow limbs? I just picked up a set of morrisons and so far i like them but i don't have anything to compare them to. This is my first longbow but been shooting recurves for years, i just really wanted to give it a try. Is there a limb people don't like...
  14. Jdoc

    Sold Mathews Halon 32 package.

    Looking to sell as a package deal and if no bites will be willing to part out. Includes a black halon 32 with ridge reaper limbs. Bow is 60lb, have both 85 & 75% mods, current draw is set to 29. Comes with a tight spot 6 arrow quiver, victory arrows, hamskea pro hunter rest, black gold pure 75...
  15. Jdoc

    Thoughts on hunting waders for moose pros and cons of type?

    Looking for peoples thoughts on what type of waders for moose hunting and if you use them? Does anyone have thoughts on hip waders and the pros and cons of them. What do use, like, dont like and so forth. I have used both for fishing but not any hunting so i have concerns about spending the day...
  16. Jdoc

    Sold JCA 17 inch ILF riser

    I have a brand new JCA 17 in ilf riser that i bought to try out that i am wanting to part with. It is still brand and only had 20 arrows through it. I just like my wood bows better. It has a med grip, is a nice brown color and is solid built! looking to sell it for $380 (I paid $430) willing to...
  17. Jdoc

    Adding a berger hole?

    Anyone ever add their own berger hole to a wood bow? I am toying with the idea so i can shoot a spring style elevated rest and get closer to the bows center shot. Thoughts or comments are helpful and of course if you know someone that has done it, looking for pros and cons. Im shooting a black...
  18. Jdoc

    Holster advice for revolver

    Im looking for some advice on a holster to attach to my pack belt. Haven't really been able to find a good one for a ruger gp100 357. Anyone have some options or know a holster maker they could send me to? The pack belt is molly and would prefer kydex.
  19. Jdoc

    Sold Morrison max 6 limbs

    Selling a set of Morrison max 6 limbs, longs, 49# at 29 on a 17in riser. Asking $675 shipped, only shot 3-4 times in new condition. If interested i have a JAC 17 ilf riser i can make a package deal with for $1100. Picks attached, please feel free to reach out with any questions.
  20. Jdoc

    WTS Kuiu full pack set with accessories

    Looking to sell some of my gear that is sitting around. I would like to sell it as a lot but willing to part it out if no takers on the whole lot. I have a kuiu icon pro 3200 with a full frame, belt L/XL, and belt pouches. Also have a ultra 1800 pack only, ultra 5500, the bow sling kit, extra...